Rejoice, Rejoice - Nix and Z-Mart returing for 2013

Per the South Bend Trib, Coach Kelly announced at a press conference that Nix and Z-Mart returning for 2013.

The Good News

Other notes, Ronnie Stanley and Matt Hegarty are out of the BCSMNCBG after undergoing surgeries and Devaris Daniels has started contact drills.

Well, put another 6-star recruit feather in CBK's cap. Floyd, Eiftert, Te'o, now Irish Chocolate. It is too early to have received their draft predictions back from the NFL draft guessers, and the article mentions that Cierre is still awaiting his. So this is all on the staff (and family) recruiting them to stay for 2013.

EDIT- Noticed that Erix and eyerish also posted in other spots. Consider this the Christmas thank you list for LNIII & CBK.

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