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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 11

"If I can't do it, homie it can't be done."

Tom Pennington


I made it back to .500 overall on the season. Plenty of football left in the season to make a furious comeback too. Don't forget this competition extends in to bowl season as well.

No rest for the weary.

Let's get to this week's game.

AP rankings used where appropriate.

No. 11 Louisville (-2.5) at Syracuse

12:00 PM ET

Pick: Louisville

This game jumps right out at me as an easy pick for the Cards. An undefeated Louisville team that is the class of the Big East versus yet another rendition of a mediocre Syracuse team?

This is easy money.

Or is it?

The Orange have played pretty well at home (close wins over Northwestern, Pitt, and USF & blowout of UConn) and they've given USC, Rutgers, and Cincinnati a run for their money.

I'm still sticking with Teddy Bridewater and that explosive L'Ville offense.

No. 13 Oregon State (+4.5) at No. 16 Stanford

3:00 PM ET

Pick: Stanford

I'll say it...Oregon State has fraud written all over them. And you know I like Mike Riley so I wouldn't say it if it weren't true. But this team was 3-9 last year. 3-9!

Okay, maybe fraud was a bit strong but I can definitely see the Beavers collapsing down the stretch. I'm a little uneasy about Stanford switching quarterbacks and the fact that their offense has been dreadful at times this season, but I just love their attacking defense so much.

Penn State (+7.5) at No. 18 Nebraska

3:30 PM ET

Pick: Penn State

Nebraska needs to win this one to keep their Rose Bowl hopes alive. They're coming off a controversial victory in which they sneaked by Michigan State. Penn State on the other hand has been playing really well since week 3.

I still like Nebraska to win but the Lion offense has been pretty good this season and they should keep this close.

No more words need be spent on the B1G.

No. 15 Texas A&M (+13.5) at No.1 Alabama

3:30 PM ET

Pick: Texas A&M

All week I've been hearing how Texas A&M can BEAT Alabama. My immediate reaction was to shrug that off as pure lunacy. Then I started thinking about it. Alabama rarely faces an offense this potent, and that's really going to stress their defense.

I don't think the Aggies can win, but Johnny Football can make enough plays to keep it respectable. Heck, A&M only lost to Florida and LSU by a combined 8 points so I really think the smart money is on the road underdog here.

No. 22 Mississippi State (+14.5) at No. 9 LSU

7:00 PM ET

Pick: LSU

Mississippi State has been outscored 76 to 20 in back-to-back weeks. Who knows how much confidence LSU gained last week by nearly toppling the Tide.

Of course maybe the Tigers will go in the dumps now, but they should handle the Bulldogs pretty well at night in front of their rabid fans.

No. 3 Kansas State (-7.5) at TCU

7:00 PM ET

Pick: Kansas State

This could be the upset special of the week. There was some mystery surrounding the health of Collin Klein this week after an apparent concussion, but he appeared fine to me once he was out of the game versus Okie State. You never want to wish ill on a player, but if he struggles with his health in this game all bets are off.

I'm still sticking with the Wildcats though. Notre Dame needs this upset but K-State is too strong on both sides of the ball.

No. 4 Notre Dame (-18.5) at Boston College

8:00 PM ET

Pick: Notre Dame

See, The OFD Game Day Countdown: Notre Dame vs. Boston College

No. 2 Oregon (-28.5) at California

10:30 PM ET

Pick: Oregon

Cal has won 2 BCS games this year: Washington State and UCLA. How in the heck did they blow out the Bruins? Sometimes college football is so weird.

Anyway, Cal's best player Keenan Allen is out for the season and there's no way the Bears keep up with Oregon.