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Notre Dame vs. Pitt: Feathers in the Cap and Black Eyes

That was the most inexplicable, incomprehensible, intolerable, and improbable Irish win I have ever watched.

Impending doom?  No thanks.
Impending doom? No thanks.
Jonathan Daniel


Did anyone else find that to be kind of a wild game? I sure did. I'm actually kind of speechless. But I'll venture an effort at some speech.

The offense found a way, and the defense. . . . The defense GOT. THAT. WATER. Crazy. So many momentum swings. So many mood swings. What an emotional rollercoaster. I never doubted that the Irish would come away with the win. Never. Knew it all along. But you could imagine a lesser fan, I don't know, say, giving up hope, then finding renewed hope, then giving up hope, then finding hope, then repeating that process about another half a dozen or more times over the fourth quarter and overtime. As if that would ever happen in a world.

Feathers in the Cap


Finding a Way. 'Tweren't perdy, but 'twas a win. I mean, how often do you see a team give the ball away in OT, only to have its opponent miss the ensuing go-ahead field goal? A more improbable win I cannot envision. Whatever happens the rest of the season, I'm just going to enjoy the ride. And that missed field goal. . . . Just, wow. Which brings me to. . .

Irish Lore. I still have a good feeling about this season. That 45-minute dumpster fire of football and ensuing insanity notwithstanding. There's still plenty of time for the teams ahead of the Irish to drop a few games, and then, who knows? And if this season should get even more special? This game will do a lot to rekindle the legend of the Luck of the Irish. Also, you can put me down as "stoked" that I will not have to hear any comparisons to '02 or '93. Got that monkey off our backs. So there's that.

Black Eyes

Hyperbole. Was Oregon really that impressive? I mean, they scored over 60 points for like the 12th time this season, but they also gave up 50. Their offense is a thing of beauty, but why is everyone on ESPN acting like the Ducks are better than sliced bread? Does Oregon deserve to jump Notre Dame after our respective performances today? Sure. We struggled mightily against an extremely mediocre Pitt team at home, while Oregon dropped sixty on a quality opponent. But come on. They gave up 50. That's what Jackie Chiles might call a "public humiliation." Also, K-State? The Cowpokes turned the ball over NINE TIMES--okay, it was only five, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pay homage to Ed Rooney. So K-State gets the benefit of 5 turnovers, including 3 giftwrapped picks, and they only beat the 'Pokes by 14. Better than ND's performance today, sure, but.... I guess I don't have much of an argument here. Everyone looked better than us today.

Brad Edwards. They're interviewing him on ESPN right now. And do you know what he said? The chances of four teams going undefeated are now "greatly increased." Really, Brad? So let me process this. Having won their games today, the four undefeated teams now have "greatly increased" chances of going undefeated? So by winning their games, they are MORE--not less--likely to go undefeated? Moreso than if they had lost? Did I just blow a synapse?

Let down game. Man, that was downright ugly at times. Like most times. But this squad is young at some critical positions. There will be ups and downs. It's nice that we can win such a down game.

Covering Ray Graham. So I guess we figured, "hey, we shut him down last year so they'll probably just forget to use him this year." Sure, because that's something that happens. Come on, defense. Keep track of the other guy's best player, and watch for the screen on third and long.

What are our loyal readers' Feathers and Black Eyes?