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Quick Game Recap: Irish Survive Thriller vs. Pitt

Some rapid fire thoughts after Notre Dame's 29-26 triple OT win over Pitt tonight.

Jonathan Daniel

Phew, that was about as close of an upset as you can get in college football!

Here are some quick thoughts following this win.

  • Hats off to Pitt for playing a tough game. They didn't have a ton of yards but they were efficient through 3 quarters and they scored more points against Notre Dame than anyone else has in 2012.
  • Great game by Panther running back Ray Graham. He finished with 172 yards on 24 carries with a touchdown. That's probably going to be the top production for a running back against the Irish defense this season.
  • Turnovers almost came back to haunt the Irish. Three coughed up on the day and the Irish forced none.
  • Besides the end zone pick, which was a terrible decision, Everett Golson played great again. Loved the way he brought the team back---so clutch down the stretch with a late touchdown throw, 2-point conversion, and the game winning touchdown.
  • Not sure why Rees started the second half. I think we're inching closer to his playing time being severely limited.
  • I wonder if Cierre Wood will get anymore carries this season after his goal line fumble in overtime?
  • Tons of little mental errors on the day.
  • Special teams were about as bad as they've been during the Kelly era---save for any turnovers on punt or kick returns.
  • Te'o had a VERY quiet game. He always racks up tackles no matter what but I can't believe his stats would be that great for this game.
  • Notre Dame was a very solid 10 for 20 on 3rd down. Pitt was held to just 1 for 14.
  • Overtime has skewed the total yards a little bit, but the Irish gained 522 and were +214 on the night.
  • DaVaris Daniels had his biggest game of his career so far (7 catches, 86 yards).
  • The Irish were hurt a bunch of time on screens by Pitt.
  • With the help from Golson's 74 yards, the Irish ran for 230 yards overall. That's a nice day.


More to come over the next couple days.