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Notre Dame vs. USC: Invictus

Irish. Win. Twelfth. Straight.

Jeff Gross

The Irish are undefeated at the end of college football's regular season. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are undefeated and heading to the national championship game. If there's a lesson to be learned from tonight's game, it is that the details matter. A few short feet have made all the difference in Notre Dame's first undefeated season since 1988. Here are your Feathers In The Cap and Black Eyes, the Undefeated Version.

Feathers In The Cap

Defense. Five stops inside the four yard line. 167 yards and one touchdown for the best receiving duo in the country. Yet another opponent held to their season low point total. And a two-score win over SC. I cannot say enough about this defense. Bring the hammer to the SEC, boys.

Theo Riddick. I've been one of the more vocal proponents of getting Cierre Wood more carries, and Theo made me look like a fool. And I've never been so happy to be proven... well, I wouldn't say wrong... let's call it a draw, Theo.

Grinding it out. We possessed the ball, played stout defense, kicked field goals, and, most importantly, won. I've been critical of playing like the underdog when you're the overcat, but Coach Brian Kelly, the Fighting Irish football team, and twelve wins are telling me I was wrong. That fourth quarter goal line stand said it all. Imagine the determination. The resolve. We had already given up 54 yards on the drive. What was another couple of inches? What, but the difference between perfection and excellence. What was a few more inches? What, but everything? As Manti Te'o told Chris Fowler after the game "as long as they don't pass that goal line, it doesn't matter." They didn't and nothing else does. Congratulations to Brian Kelly, Bobby Diaco, the entire coaching staff and football team, Jack Swarbrick, and the entire Notre Dame family.

Black Eyes

Are the destiny of the SEC Champion.

As EG said after the game, "it's not over yet." Let's bring the hammer, Irish. Now is the time to show the SEC that real men win football games the right way. Now is the time to make a statement for perfection, for what else is a national championship on the field and in the classroom? Let's show the SEC what it's like to take on 85 warrior-poet philosopher-kings.

Come back soon for your highlights and ICON.

What say our beloved commenters? Reflect on the season's events.

UPDATE: Here are your highlights, Post-Game Presser, and Irish Connection: