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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 13

It's RIVALRY week!

Can Ohio State win The Game?
Can Ohio State win The Game?


The regular season is winding down. The season always goes so fast.

At least this one has been memorable.

On to this week's picks!

AP rankings used where appropriate.

No. 20 Michigan (+3.5) at No. 4 Ohio State

12:00 PM ET

Pick: Michigan

Can Michigan win two straight in this rivalry? Why yes they can!

Ohio State has gotten this far undefeated by playing ONE ranked team. Statistically this is not a great Buckeye team by any stretch of the imagination. Their defense is giving up 23 points a game and their offense is about as one dimensional and dependent on one player as any in the country.

All of that is coming up against the best defense OSU has faced this season. And you know with this rivalry Michigan will do anything, and I mean anything, to win this game.

I like Michigan to win and rightfully remove Ohio State from the ranks of the unbeaten. There's no way we're going into an offseason having to hear about how the Buckeyes never lost in Meyer's first season.

Georgia Tech (+14.5) at No. 3 Georgia

12:00 PM ET

Pick: Georgia

This spread feels a bit low, no?*

*It went up a couple points after I wrote this pre-Thanksgiving.

I'm guessing Vegas thinks Tech's offense can keep them close, but I'm not buying it. Or maybe they think Georgia will be looking to the SEC title game and not focused enough?

This is the most talented defense Tech has faced and they were also blown out by BYU and Middle Tennessee State. I see no reason to take the Bees when Georgia is still playing for a national title.

No. 5 Oregon (-9.5) at No. 16 Oregon State

3:00 PM ET

Pick: Oregon

I'm guessing most think Oregon State will give Oregon a game here and that the veil has been ripped away from the explosive Duck offense.

I still don't think the Beavers are that good though. I like the Big O to bounce back and have a somewhat comfortable win on Saturday.

No. 22 Oklahoma State (+6.5) at No. 14 Oklahoma

3:30 PM ET

Pick: Oklahoma State

I've had the feeling that OU isn't going to finish this season with double-digits victories. If you're paying attention they already have 2 losses---1 thanks to our own Fighting Irish.

True last year's win by Oklahoma State in this rivalry was their first since 2002, but they clobbered the Sooners. I'm not sure the Cowboys will win but their offense is potent enough to give Oklahoma a lot of problems.

Auburn (+32.5) at No. 2 Alabama

3:30 PM ET

Pick: Auburn

I've gone crazy, or maybe I'm just making my move up the leaderboard?

Look, I know Auburn is terrible. But what does Alabama have to gain in this game? They'll probably get up by 25 and coast the rest of the way with a bunch of backups while Auburn somehow closes the gap enough to lose something like 45 to 18.

You heard it here first.

No. 11 Stanford (-2.5) at No. 15 UCLA

6:30 PM ET

Pick: Stanford

I wasn't a big fan of Stanford before this year but since we finally beat them and they took down Oregon I friggin' love this team right now!

I also like the Cardinal's mental toughness versus UCLA while both teams are coming out of emotional wins against top teams. I don't think the Bruins will be able to stand up to Stanford's physicality for 4 quarters.

No. 13 South Carolina (+3.5) at No. 12 Clemson

7:00 PM ET

Pick: Clemson

In recent years Clemson has played the part of little brother while being defeated by South Carolina. I think that comes to an end this week.

You have to like the explosiveness of the Clemson offense and I'm not sure South Carolina can hold up to that without Marcus Lattimore. What's more, South Carolina has looked very mediocre in recent weeks against two of the worst teams in the SEC, plus they didn't even handle poor Wofford last week.

Clemson meanwhile, while giving up some points, has been crushing teams since their loss to Florida State earlier in the season. I'll take the Tigers to continue their quiet and underrated strong season.

No. 1 Notre Dame (-6.5) at USC

8:00 PM ET

Pick: USC

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