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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 12

This is the week of destiny. Do you smell it?

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE


I'm tied for the 6th worst record on the season in this competition. Time to do better.

Let's get right to the picks.

AP rankings used where appropriate

No. 22 Rutgers (+6.5) at Cincinnati

12:00 PM ET

Pick: Rutgers

The Scarlet Knights control their own destiny with a 4-0 record in the Big East. They did lose to Kent State a couple weeks ago so that's important to remember.

I don't know it doesn't feel like Cincy should be favored here, even though they have two close road losses this season and that's it. Rutgers has a pretty solid defense and Cincinnati has some quarterback issues right now.

No. 21 USC (-3.5) at No. 17 UCLA

3:05 PM ET

Pick: USC

I find it fascinating how so many rivalry games end up so lopsided for a period of time. USC is going for their 6th straight in this series and their 13th win in the last 14 meetings. Before that, UCLA won 8 in a row!

Remember last year's game? Yeah, the Trojans won that 50-0 and took it easy on the Bruins. I'm not sure how much that game lingers but USC is still a lot better than UCLA.

I want USC to win this game big as I'd like to see Notre Dame win on the road next weekend against a pumped up Trojan squad.

NC State (+16.5) at No. 11 Clemson

3:30 PM ET

Pick: NC State

Clemson's defense usually gives up points to any offense with a pulse. You're probably asking yourself if NC State's offense has a pulse and I think they just barely qualify.

It seems unlikely that NC State could upset the top two teams in the ACC, but a back door cover seems likely to me. Clemson has been really quiet this year though---are they ripe to get upset this weekend?

No. 6 Ohio State (+2.5) at Wisconsin

3:30 PM ET

Pick: Ohio State

Holy crap Ohio State is 10-0. What are we to make of this? How are we going to look back on this inaugural season in Columbus by Urbie? Sure they haven't looked like a powerhouse but wait until he gets his recruits coming in.

This is a tough test for OSU before they take on Michigan in their season finale. Are the Buckeyes going undefeated or will they drop one of those games?

I don't think it will be this one. I'll take Ohio State and the points, no doubt.

Wake Forest (+23.5) at No. 3 Notre Dame

3:30 PM ET

Pick: Wake Forest

See the article, OFD Game Day Countdown: Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest

No. 13 Oklahoma (-10.5) at West Virginia

7:00 PM ET

Pick: West Virginia

What a fall from grace it's been for West Virginia. 4 straight losses after being a media darling earlier in the year.

At some point they have to bounce back right? I don't think WVU win but I can see Oklahoma having some struggles in Morgantown and not being to cover.

No. 14 Stanford (+20.5) at No. 1 Oregon

8:00 PM ET

Pick: Oregon

Oregon covered this spread in each of the last two meetings against Stanford. Are the Cardinal improved enough on defense to cover up for their weaker offense?

Sorry, I just can't see Stanford's offense keeping pace. The Ducks have scored 329 points in their last 7 games against Stanford. They're averaging nearly 50 per contest!

Stanford is going to need to score, at minimum, 25 points to cover. I doubt that happens.

No. 2 Kansas State (-11.5) at Baylor

8:00 PM ET

Pick: Kansas State

Baylor in the post-RG3 era has wins against SMU, Sam Houston State, Louisiana-Monroe, and Kansas. These offense can pile up points (and would be a great backdoors cover candidate) but they've played God awful defense against Big 12 teams.

Can you take a team that's given up 70, 49, 56, 35, and 42 points in recent weeks to cover against the No. 2 team in the country?