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BlogPoll Draft Ballot: Week 12

The Tide goes down and we make some tough choices that might not win us many friends.

Jared Wickerham

All right, let's break it down:

* As far as the top three teams go, I went and used Sagarin's strength of schedule. Notre Dame is 28, Kansas State is 29 and Oregon is 45. When you consider that Notre Dame has two wins (OU, Stanford) better than Oregon's best (USC) and defeated their shared opponents with Kansas State in a more decisive way (Miami was a draw, ND's game against OU was more decisivie) and here you go. A dominant Oregon win versus Stanford likely jumps them up, but they're not going to get credit for things they haven't yet done.

* Alabama stays at four, Florida hangs in despite needing a late rally to beat a terrible UL-Lafayette team and Georgia is right behind them. I know Florida has looked rough the last couple weeks, but A) They've won and B) That win at A&M is looking better and better, along with the victories against LSU and South Carolina.

* A&M and Stanford shoot up with huge wins, Louisville and Oregon State drop with some sub-optimal losses. Pretty much every team from USC on can be mixed and replaced, it's a very soft bottom of the poll.

Thoughts? Concerns?