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Notre Dame rises to seventh in this week's BlogPoll

The Irish moved up two spots in the latest BlogPoll, which sees Alabama hold firmly to the number one spot even as first-place votes continue to scatter to other campuses.

Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

We're number seven! We're number seven!

Just like their positions in the lesser polls, the Irish are up to seventh in the land in the latest BlogPoll. They're still receiving a first-place vote, and should they defeat the Cardinal, I imagine they might even jump a couple of the teams in front of them. I was not the only person to vote the Gators number one, as Will Muschamp's crew notched nine top votes despite being ranked only fifth.

On a personal note, my ballot is no longer one of the five least in line with the poll at large. Thank you for dealing with the insane ballots earlier in the season, as resume voting always evens out as we progress through the year.