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Miami Highlights, ICON & Quick Recap

Some highlights in Notre Dame's 41-3 win over Miami at Soldier Field yesterday.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Here is the highlight package:

Here is the ICON video from the game:

Some quick notes with more reviews to follow later over the next 24 hours...

  • 34 first downs for the Irish.
  • 376 yards rushing at 7.4 per carry, plus 5 rushing touchdowns.
  • Just one punt.
  • Paradoxical Brian Kelly showing up again with 39:08 in time of possession.
  • Both Cierre Wood (118) and George Atkinson (127) both over the century mark rushing.
  • Golson completed 77.2 percent of his passes.
  • The second half saw just 4 possessions for the Irish---all touchdowns.
  • 5-0 on the season.