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Notre Dame Defeats Oklahoma: Post-Game Thoughts

Notre Dame went into Norman and pulled off a historic upset. Here's a quick recap in the minutes following the win.

Ronald Martinez

I didn't think Notre Dame could go into Norman and win this game, but they did.

Good Lord, they went in there and took no prisoners.

I thought Brian Kelly had this program headed in a very positive direction but even I was not ready for this acceleration in 2012.

Here's some quick thoughts on Notre Dame's 30-13 win over Oklahoma.

  • Great, and I mean GREAT game by the offense. No turnovers. They out-gained a strong Oklahoma offense by 24 yards and that is with the Sooners picking up 31 yards in garbage time on the final possession. I really didn't think the offense would be able to stay balanced enough to consistently move the ball and they did.
  • How does 215 rushing yards sound? At 5.5 yards a pop? That's a great job by the offensive line and all the runners. That toughness and grinding the clock---with a few big runs thrown in there---is the foundation of this offense.
  • I trust no one is sleeping on Everett Golson any longer? When was the last time this kid lost a football game? Man, what a winner and a baller. To think Notre Dame could go into Norman and play mistake-free football, run an efficient offense with a redshirt freshman---it's just crazy. The numbers aren't gaudy, but he was smart throwing the ball, kept OU off-balance with some playaction, and chipped in a quality 64 yards and a touchdown on the ground.
  • Chris Brown with his first career reception! And we FINALLY hit that deep ball!
  • Notre Dame had one penalty. I repeat...Notre Dame had one penalty. I don't even remember what it was and I don't even care.
  • Notre Dame struggled with that fast-paced Sooner offense and the quick passing game. But they do what this defense does...stay patient and wait for the kill shot. OU moved the ball with ease at times but couldn't keep it up.
  • Oklahoma was just 4 for 14 on 3rd down. That's great defense.
  • More props to Tommy Rees for coming in and calmly connecting for a first down on his only snap of the game. What a great kid to have as a backup.
  • Something tells me no one will be doubting this defense anymore. Oklahoma had a respectable 379 yards which is the most on the season given up by the Irish, but just one touchdown for the Sooners. QB Landry Jones threw the ball 51 times and didn't toss a touchdown. I'll take that every day.
  • Gutsy, and great play-call by Oklahoma on fourth down with the Belldozer pass. They earned every inch of that touchdown.
  • Irish run defense=ELITE. Oklahoma was held to just 15 yards. Even taking out that early bad snap that lost 19 yards and a couple sacks on Jones, the Irish held Oklahoma to just 50 yards on 21 carries. ELITE.
  • What can I say about Manti Te'o? I believe he finished with 11 tackles if you rascals in the open thread are to be believed. A huge sack. Multiple big hits. And the game-clinching interception. I think this courageous leader is going to be invited to New York City for the Heisman. The best part? He stops after the game and takes a picture with two little kids. Man, what a human being, what a player, what a person. We're so blessed to have him be a part of Notre Dame.
  • Funny how the world works. Brian Kelly goes into Norman and beats Bob Stoops. Chew on that for a little bit.