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The Unofficial OFD Lexicon

The Unofficial OFD Lexicon

Jonathan Daniel


It's here by popular demand.

The masses have spoken, and we shall deliver unto them what they want.

Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the contents. For newbies, consider it mandatory freshman orientation material. For the old hands, bask in the glory and memories of threads long past. Either way, we plan on adding to it.

If you feel something is worthy, let us know. If you coin a term or new phrase that makes it on this list, consider including it on your resume. After all, this is kind of like the Mount Rushmore of OFD comments. Kind of similar. Not really the same, but similar. You get it.

"Don't sleep on EG"

This OFD OriginalTM was brought into existence by our own Mouth of the South. He has steadfastly been defending the honor of a certain Irish QB since the fall of 2011. When others debated the merits of starting either some guy who eventually transferred to Kansas, a cabbie tackling dummy or the rocket-laser armed Voodoo Child, MotS gently reminded all of us that one must not sleep on EG.

"Fire Kelly"

See: Harumph! Fullbacks!

"Harumph! Fullbacks!"

This OFD battle cry has been used for some time and is generally in reference to a certain splinter-cell of the fan base whose mother ship may or may not reside somewhere on the interwebs. This curmudgeonly, lunatic fringe portion of fans are generally more concerned with things like "tradition" than the actual on-field product.

For the sake of brevity, this term can be shortened to either base word.

Acceptable alternate spelling: Harrumph! Fullbacks!


See: 2012 Shamrock Series Helmets

"main key"

This was recently submitted by OFD regular PAK, who may or may not have gotten this one from the Office of Redundancy. One who points out a "main key" may also find themselves "strenuously objecting" to arguments not in line with their thinking. For the record, main keys are much more important than secondary keys or tertiary keys.

"Mitigate the pros and cons"

A concept first proposed by burger23 in his relentless pursuit of play breakdowns and a state of equilibrium. Generally, one wants to simply mitigate the cons, but we also don't want to get too big for our britches, as some would say.

"mute point"

This is a recent addition to the OFD arsenal, first typed by our resident play-by-play analyst-savant burger23. One might think he was trying to refer to a moot point, it generally refers to a somewhat controversial observation that is no longer worth discussing.

"OFD Wheel of Pain"

This is the favored method of punishment by our resident judge, jury and executioner Mouth of the South. It would be wise to steer clear of upsetting a certain erudite southern gentleman.


Sadly, OFD cannot claim responsibility for this gem, as it is a Spencer Hall original. Seeing as how OFD is a home for degenerate gamblers who like to "pick games for pride and bragging rights," it has become a frequent term used in reference to a favored team.

"Patented MotS self-reply"

Inspired by the character Stephen from Braveheart, Mouth of the South often engages in conversations with himself in comment threads. This practice has been adopted by many, often when making an additional point or correcting the uncorrectable in a previous thought.


A reference to CW, 4pointshooter and alstein's other favorite game, basketball.

"silent audible"

Coined by Cranked_Irish after the road victory in Norman, OK during the 2012 season, it refers to a play where He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Slept-Upon motioned one Theo "Colorful Sweater" Riddick out of the backfield and ran the ball off-tackle on 3rd and short in order to pick up a first down. This term can be applied in many situations where it is either impractical or impossible to vocalize one's intentions in a veiled or coded fashion.

"The dreaded Rush 4, Drop 8 defense"

This OFD OriginalTM was coined by our own Whiskey after the narrow win over BC in 2011 in which the Eagles played very conservatively on defense, daring QB Tommy Rees to run. Our neighbors to the north don't see anything wrong with this defensive alignment, but its use state-side has been somewhat controversial.

"TL; DR"

Internet slang for "too long; didn't read"--generally applies to anything of Murtaugian proportions, whether a post or a comment.

Author's Edits:

10/23/12 -- Added "Fire Kelly"

11/2/12 -- Added "silent audible"