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Notre Dame vs. BYU: Feathers In The Cap and Black Eyes Post-Game Thread

So I'm eating lunch, right. It's like 4:15. I'm thinking, I'll get a late start on the game and blow through all the commercials. Then I happen to see "BYU 14 ND 7," and I'm all "lol wut quit playin espn."

Jonathan Daniel

Of course then my peaceful greek chicken salad lunch with Mouth Jr. and Mrs. Mouth was ruined. But more importantly, the Irish ran the absolute whatnot out of the ball en route to another hard-fought win. These guys are mentally and physically tough, that's for sure.

So I'm pretty much done complaining about wins. When Arkansas loses to ULM, Florida State face plants against a bad NC State team, and Auburn gets beat by the smot kids from Vandy, there is just too much parity in college football to complain about a win against a decent opponent in the middle of our murderous schedule. Especially not when you're replacing so many starters on offense, and you're without your starting quarterback. I'll take another hard-fought win. Maybe now we'll take Oklahoma by surprise.


<strong>Feathers in the Cap</strong>

Defense. Again. They gave up a few scores through the air, but you know you should be pleased with your defense when 14 points is the second most they've allowed all season. The D held the Cougs to under 100 yards rushing, and kept the no-rushing-TD's streak alive.

Next week brings the first strong passing attack the Irish have faced, so we'll see pretty soon whether this Irish D really puts its pants on two legs at a time, but for now let's be happy.

Running backs. Two 100 yard rushers, and the chimerical Irish rushing attack carried the offense down the stretch.
Prince Shembo's voice. Wow that is a powerful bass. Deep Thought: Man I would love to hear a barbershop quartet composed of Shembo, Kap, Johnny Cash, and Barry White.

Black Eyes

With the Irish sitting at 7-0, and the Mouth gearing up for a trip to Norman next weekend, I'm not in much of a Black Eye mood. Sure I wish the offense was a little--or a lot--more explosive in Kelly's third year, but this team is just doing what it takes to win. Mark May called it smoke and mirrors. That Mark May is quite a character. Sure the Irish have gotten a few breaks in the way of dropped passes, turnovers--thank you, Messrs. Nunes and Robinson--and untimely gaffes by their opponents, but that's what happens when you play consistent, disciplined ball. The other guy screws up, and you capitalize. The 3-4 doesn't look quite so uber-conservative anymore, does it? Congrats to the Irish on another gutsy win. The defense is nasty, and the offense will come. Will it come to Norman? I hope so.

Here's your ND-BYU Irish Connection:

And your highlights:

Cheers to the Irish for a hard-fought win against a feistier-than-expected BYU team.