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But for a few exceptions, we know each other in only the most abstract sense. For the most part we share a bond over football and a love for Notre Dame. We could probably pass each other in the street without ever knowing the difference.

My 8-year old boy hurt himself in gymnastics class today. As he has progressed, his coaches have been letting him start unassisted dismounts off of the equipment lately, and today he severely hyperextended his elbow after missing a landing off the rings. The inital results indicate a broken humerus near the elbow growth plate. The X-rays were inconclusive due to swelling.

The ER docs tell us that such an injury in a young child usually (like > 80%) means surgery to ensure the break is as perfectly aligned as possible to avoid future problems during growth spurts. We talk to a pediatric ortho specialist tomorrow. I would appreciate putting him in your prayers that the results tomorrow are not as severe as the intial prognosis.

Thank you,



No Surgery necessary for now.

1 cast now, recast when swelling goes away. Keep close eye on it for 6 months and reevaluate then. Doc say chances of surgery now below 5%.

Young C_I #1 is just very stoked about cool Ninjago Jay colored cast.

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, they helped me and Mrs Cranked.

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