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Notre Dame vs. Stanford Quick Post-Game Recap

One Foot Down gives you a quick recap of Notre Dame's thrilling overtime win over Stanford.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

What a finish.

6-0, and this defense just will not give up.

On an afternoon where the offense really struggled to move the ball and make plays, the Irish defense picked up the slack (yet again) and after the offense finally came through, that Notre Dame defense made one final amazing goal line stand in overtime.

Here's some quick hit thoughts following the 20-13 victory over Stanford.

  • This will go down as an ugly offensive effort but it wasn't necessarily that way according to the stat sheet. It didn't feel like it but by the end of the game the Irish had a +62 yard advantage in total yards.
  • An extremely hot and cold game for Everett Golson---with much more cold than hot---but again his stat line ends up not being terrible: 12 for 24 with 141 yards and a touchdown.
  • Three fumbles were not great to see. Golson really has to work on this moving forward.
  • Notre Dame out-rushed Stanford, but just barely. That's a win for the Irish.
  • The defensive line pressure was tremendous all game long.
  • Zeke Motta laid about 5 huge hits coming down to stop the run.
  • I'm not sure how many tackles he finished with but Te'o had 9 at halftime.
  • George Atkinson seems to have regressed at kickoff returns. I wonder if its a product of seeing so few returns this year?
  • Another game where Cierre Wood looked like the stronger running back. He did end up having the same carries as Theo Riddick.
  • Outstanding catch by Theo in overtime.
  • Too many penalties, although Stanford had almost as many. Still, too many dumb false start penalties.
  • Tommy Rees is the most clutch backup quarterback in the nation. I've lost all fears and phobias while he's out there and I've even grown comfortable with him. Call me crazy, but I'll feel that way until he doesn't play well or his turnovers kill the team. I think he was born to be the clutch backup QB.
  • The goal line stand was a thing of beauty. Was it controversial? Maybe, but it's nice to see defense rewarded in this age of copious touchdowns. Re-watching the replay Taylor's forward progress was stopped for about 3 full seconds, his elbow was down before reaching the ball over the line, the side judge ruled him down, AND it wasn't overturned.
  • I will lose exactly zero seconds of sleep over that, and if I do it's because I'm too jacked up to get some rest after this huge victory.

Go Irish.