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The Week in News: Tampa, Frankenconferences and Speed Killsbasa

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Welcome to this installment of TWIN. You all know what this is about so I will get right to it. Starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

For a few hours on Sunday Night it looked like Oregon's Chip Kelly was headed to Tampa Bay to coach the Buccaneers. Then less than 12 hours later he wasn't. Instead the Bucs ended up hiring Greg Schiano away from Rutgers. That all makes perfect sense.

Shortly after the Schiano announcement yesterday Tom Dienhart Tweeted that Bob Diaco might be a candidate to replace Schiano at Rutgers. Ummmm no thanks. In all fairness Bobby D was the 9th potential "name to watch" that Dienhart threw out there. You have to throw the obligatory ND guy in there to get some hits right?

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From 1998 to 2009 Mack Brown posted an impressive 128 - 27 record at Texas. In 2010 and 2011 he put up a combined record of 13 -12. For this, the University of Texas felt he deserved a contract extension that will keep him in Austin through the 2020 season. I don't suppose the Horns will be hiring another Head Coach in waiting any time soon. Now that I think about it, that whole phenomenon of Head Coach in waiting came and went pretty quickly didn't it?

The Superconference arms race isn't over yet people. This week Navy announced that it will be joining the Big East in 2015. In other news th Big XII is also looking to add an additional team or two. Perhaps they may even get back to actually having 12 teams again. The most likely candidate to be #11 at the moment appears to be Louisville.

I can't help but think that we are going to wake up one day soon and see all of these automatic BCS tie-ins disappear. At that exact moment all of the bolt on teams in these Frankenconferences are going to look around and come to the conclusion that they made a serious mistake. BCS money is a hell of a drug.

Oh the beauty of social media. In the wake of Yuri Wright's Twitter "issue" we have another class-of-2012 recruit that has used the medium to make himself famous for all the wrong reasons. In this case it was Clemson QB recruit Chad Kelly (nephew of Jim) that went big. He didn't go full on Will Hill but instead used Twitter to start talking smack to current #2 Clemson QB Cole Stoudt.

"Your on the bench for a reason. And i come soon! Just letting you know."

That's a fine way to make new friends and earn the respect of your new teammates. Bonus points for the lowercase "i."

As an aside I still can't believe that Brent Venables left his Oklahoma DC position to go to Clemson to fill the same role. I guess he wasn't digging going back to the days of being Co-DC with Mike Stoops. He also probably watched the Orange Bowl and figured that he could achieve cult hero status in Death Valley by the end of September. With Venables out of the way Mike Stoops was able to score a nice contract to be the full-on DC in Norman. Here's to hoping that Goldrix leaves Sooner fans lamenting this DC swap next fall.

Will Muschamp and Mark Richt have taken to attending church in Valdosta, Georgia in pursuit of linebacker recruit Josh Harvey-Clemons. In Richt's case he also followed the same recruit to the local jail. You can't make this stuff up.

Spencer needs no hat tips from us, or anyone else for that matter, but this Top 25 for 2031 that he put together is exceptional.

Notre Dame made the hiring of Bob Elliott and Harry Hiestand official this week. I still like both hires. A lot.

One more thing. Literally. Gunner Kiel is wearing jersey #1. So is Tee Shepard. Ishaq Williams switched over to #11 which also happens to belong to Tommy Rees. But you won't see #3 on the field until 2013 because that coveted number now belongs to Amir Carlisle. Unless of course a class of 2012 defensive recruit also takes it. This thing where offensive and defensive players are sharing jersey numbers between 1-19 is getting a bit Texas like. The Horns have been doubling up those numbers for years. The Irish are now doubling up 1, 5, 7, 9 and 11. By the time the rest of the class of 2012 hits campus and fall camp rolls around I bet we are adding a few more to the list.

The OFD Comment of the Week is brought to you by cooparchy! First time commenters are now two for two on taking home this award. coop hit us with this gem under the RtR post that Murtaugh wrote on Anthony Rabasa. He has no time for capitalization, spelling, complete sentences or any other such nonsense, but he went out and won the damn internet on his first try anyway! I imagine that coop slammed a beer, smashed the can on his forehead and gorged on live sea creatures to celebrate his triumph just seconds after hitting post on this one. Keep em' comin' cooparchy!

speed kill(s)basa

i don't have the football acumen of most of you here (i hope) but i see his speed of the edge being a great advantage in the middle. not at all indicative of an adustment issue. first step matters everywhere on the field. and as a hs de i'm sure he knows how to square up on a blocker, too, which, with that dl we got, might not be as frequent as otherwise could be for a mlb. seeing that he can fit snugly (and rather anonymously) behind t-bone jellyroll mcporkchop (huge fan, mouth) and the FREAKS we got at end and between some studly olbs just lets that blinding first step sneak up on an opponent that much more quietly....

what a f&$%ing D we got moving forward! YOWZER!
now, kelly, make us a qb!
muahahahaha! GOLDRIXZILLA! (how does one kiel a goldrix?) ok...i'm done...

Have a great weekend!