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Reviewing the Redshirts: OL Brad Carrico

We're coming up on the home stretch in our Reviewing the Redshirts series. Here's who we've looked at so far:

WR DaVaris Daniels

LB Werewolf

LB Ben Councell

OT Jordan Prestwood

CB Jalen Brown

OL Nick Martin

QB Everett Golson

OG Conor Hanratty

As always, I'm here to highlight one of the big guys on the offensive line. Unlike the last two players I profiled, this one doesn't have outstanding genes, but he did attend the same high school as another Notre Dame player that turned out to be pretty good.

OL Brad Carrico

Hometown: Dublin, OH

Height: 6'5

Weight: 290


Rivals: No. 52 Strongside Defensive End, No. 39 Ohio, 3 stars

ESPN: No. 90 Defensive End, No. 48 Ohio, 3 stars, Grade: 77

Scout: No. 64 Offensive Tackle, 3 stars

247: NR, 3 stars, Grade: 86

Need at Position: Moderate (as DE) to high (as OT)

Expected Spot on 2012 Depth Chart: Likely third string


Brad Carrico Highlights (via 247SportsStudio)


Carrico began his Notre Dame career on the defensive side of the ball as a member of the embarrassment of riches ND hauled in at defensive end last year. But with a crowded depth chart at end and experience in high school at playing along the offensive line, Carrico was moved over to offense fairly early in his career.

Thanks to his time playing defensive end in high school, there's plenty of film on Carrico moving around in space. With other offensive line prospects, you're usually limited to a never-ending repeat of the prospect driving kids half his size into the ground. In Carrico's film, there are plenty of examples of him chasing down ball-carriers, especially since it seemed like most teams tried to roll-out or run away from him.

What's immediately apparent about Carrico is his athleticism. He moves well for someone his size. He's constantly running after the ball when he's on defense, not just dominating with his size. There are still plenty of examples of him bull-rushing opposing linemen or throwing defenders to the ground when on the offensive line, though.

Another thing I liked about his film was that there were also a lot of examples of him pulling on the offensive line, a skill he'll need at Notre Dame. Again, he moves well and does a good job of tracking down defenders. I would hesitate to say he's as athletic as Jordan Prestwood, but he has the tools to be a good offensive tackle.

As for his future along the offensive line, I have a hard time seeing him landing anywhere on the two-deep. With Zach Martin, Jordan Prestwood, Tate Nichols, Matt Hegarty, Christian Lombard (possibly), and Nick Martin (possibly) all at tackle for Notre Dame and Ronnie Stanley coming in this fall, I have a feeling Carrico might be a casualty of depth. Considering he's listed as an offensive linemen on ND's official roster and not as a tackle, there's a possiblity he could slide inside to guard, but the depth isn't any better over there either - Watt, Hanratty, Lombard (possibly), and Nick Martin (possibly).

I like Carrico's potential, but I'm not sure if we'll ever see him in a starting role. He might crack the two-deep eventually and be a contributor, but I don't think it will be in 2012.