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2011 College Football New Uniform Tour: Part Three

Back in October I chronicled all the new uniforms and major accessory changes that were made for the 2011 season. To review all those stylin' changes, click on the links below.

Part 1

Part 2

As you know, the season lasts longer than mid-October and continued for another 7 weeks worth of games.

Unlike in past years, teams were more willing to hold off on new uniforms or certain tweaks, often because they like to wait for rivalry games which tend to be in late October or later.

Since there are lots of splendid colorful pictures, there will also be a part four coming soon as well.

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Ohio State

I've always liked Ohio State's color scheme, and this certainly looks better than last year's Pro Combat series, but there's just too much gray on this uniform. The added white and black on the Buckeyes regular uniforms are the subtle secondary colors that let the red and gray pop.This looks like a better version of the abominations that Georgia wore to open the season.


The Hawkeyes were one of numerous teams to fill their helmet logo in with the American flag. Sure the patriotic gesture is nice, but I think this is something that needs to stop.


The Hoosiers were one of the teams to have their logo filled in with both an American flag and pink for cancer awareness earlier in the season, while they also unveiled a white helmet later in the season to produce the Stormtrooper look that has become so fashionable.


Michigan (who went uniform crazy this year) wore a new uniform, plus white pants, in their rivalry game against Michigan State. Those uniforms were basically a road version of what they wore against Notre Dame. The Wolverines then made another new road jersey for the Sugar Bowl, adding two traditional blue stripes to the sleeves, and yellow outline on the numbers, to go along with their normal yellow pants.

Michigan looked tight this year, people. I don't care what anyone says.


Did you even notice the rose petal graphics on the helmet logo and jersey numbers during the game? Of course you didn't, which made this uniform tweak for the Rose Bowl kind of cool, but mostly pointless.

Michigan State

These are the uniforms the Spartans wore in their win over Michigan. I thought they could have done a lot better as these look like were designed by Donatella Versace and a 9-year old.


This looks like one of the uniforms you see in the NCAA football video game franchise that the high school teams wear---except much, much worse. The purple on purple is bad enough, but we're learning the hard way that animal claw marks are a terrible idea for a football uniform.

Oklahoma State

I actually noticed this during the broadcast, but Oklahoma State had a few players wearing sheriff badges at the bottom of their collar to signify their status as captains. Apparently this is a new tradition from the Cowboys that they do for bowl games---now that's cool as hell.


I remember tuning into Virginia's bowl game and being shocked by these orange helmets. I'm still not sure how I feel about this look. I think it would look a lot better with another color jersey---particularly a white one.

Virginia Tech

The Hokies went pretty crazy with their uniforms this year (I'm not sure if they wore the same thing twice all season) and here they are in their bright orange jerseys. Virginia Tech gets bonus points for me because they almost always look good and pull off orange better than almost any team in the country.

NC State

The Wolfpack brought out their new red helmets for their bowl game that they'd worn earlier in the season---this time going with the mono-red look. Not a fan of having your entire uniform be one color, unless it's white.


If you recall, Stanford wore these Pro Combat uniforms against Notre Dame, busting out a new black helmet to boot. This would have looked interesting with white pants, but I can never get on board with so much red. It looks very cheap and bush-league to me.


Oregon always makes minor and major changes throughout a season, but it is worth pointing out their sweet chrome helmets from the Rose Bowl.

The Ducks also wore a cool helmet before their bowl game that alternately appeared dark green or black depending on the angle you were looking at it.


UCLA came out in a stormtrooper outfit to finish the regular season. This look has a lot of potential but it just seems weird on the Bruins, right? I'm a big fan of the undershirt striping---hopefully teams continue using that feature.


The Buffaloes wore a black helmet on two occasions this season, both times against the LA schools in conference play. Not a terrible look, although Colorado has been looking swank by going back to their early 1990's uniforms full-time and improving their gold helmet color (hey, that sounds familiar!)


I'm pretty sure Washington has worn this all-white stormtrooper look in the past. Like UCLA, it just seems off because of the lack of gold that you are so accustomed to seeing from the Huskies.


Finally, in this year's Army-Navy game, both teams wore new Pro Combat uniforms. As someone who detests teams wearing the same color pants and jerseys, I wasn't a fan of Navy's uniforms---although they did a great job mimicking a sailor's uniform.

Army didn't really change a whole lot to their set, besides wearing gold spikes, different number font, and perhaps the sweetest and most badass undershirt sleeve striping. With so many teams wearing truncated stripes, silly claw marks, and an assortment of fading dots and special effects, it's nice to see how powerful traditional striping can be as evidenced by the Black Knights here.

Part 4 coming soon...