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The Big E College Football Picks: Season Wrap-Up

Well the season is over and there are no more games to pick, unless you want to enter the brutal world of the NFL and get a few games in before the long silence sets in.

This year's betting guessing came down to the wire---literally.

In fact, the BCS national championship game was the determining factor in declaring a champion out of our three-man race we had going this year.

Ultimately, I picked Alabama and took home this imaginary title, but only by the slimmest of margins.

Recap of the last bowl games and final records after the jump.


*South Carolina blew past Nebraska, with Ashlon Jeffery catching a Hail Mary and later being ejected from the game. He won MVP. I said it before, but isn't this one of the quietest 11-win seasons in history for the Gamecocks?

*Michigan State came back and defeated Georgia---although it was a pretty bad choke job for the Bulldogs. This means Notre Dame beat a 11-win team, high five!

*Stanford wasn't favored against Oklahoma State, but they managed to cover by a half point anyway.

*SMU straight up gave Pittsburgh a wedgie, winning by 22 points. It will be very interesting to see how Chryst does next year in the Steel City.

*And of course, Alabama whooped LSU in the title game.


*Penn State didn't show up and couldn't handle Houston's powerful offense.

*Ohio State finished with 7 losses for the first time in over 100 years by dropping their bowl game to Florida. Urban Meyer will correct that problem real quick.

*Oregon just barely covered over Wisconsin, but I stupidly took the points in the Rose Bowl.

*Michigan covered by a damn half point and I took Virginia Tech---this one hurt.

*The Orange Bowl Massacre left me with a loss on my record too Dabo.

*Arkansas covered over Kansas State---really looking forward to the Wildcats being ranked in the preseason next year.

*A lot of people jumped on the Arkansas State bandwagon, and we paid the price. They lost to Northern Illinois and their undeniable MAC power.

Eric Murtaugh:

Bowl Season: 16-19

Overall: 112-87

Jim Miesle:

Bowl Record: 18-17

Overall: 111-88

Michael Collins:

Bowl Record: 17-18

Overall: 96-103

It was a valiant effort by Miesle as he came away with the best record during bowl season, but it just wasn't enough to pass the Big E.

Collins turned it around a little bit during bowl season, but he needed to dominate to stay in the overall race with me and Jim.

After 199 total games picked, only one little game was the difference. It's crazy, but that's how it goes.

If anyone wants in on this action next year, be prepared for the grueling 12 picks a week, and stiff competition because I'll have a target on my back and Jimmy and Mike will be out for revenge
.Till next year!