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2011 BlogPoll Top 25: Final Edition Draft

Join me after the jump for words! Leave your suggestions for changes (due tomorrow at 9am) in the comments.

As much as I would love to vote LSU number one, I watched the game last night and cannot, in good conscience, do that. It's a shame we'll never know how Oklahoma State's offense would have fared against either defense - he would have been the best QB either team faced by a country mile - but that is the terrible system in which we are stuck.

After tweaking this a bit, I feel pretty comfortable with everybody at the top. Perhaps the biggest sham of the bowl season is that Boise didn't get to test itself against a real team, but I don't feel like it's fair to punish them for that when they destroyed Georgia perhaps even more efficiently than LSU did, then took care of the business most of the season.

You could make a case that Wisconsin should be even higher, considering of their three losses, two were by Hail Marys and one was a close, competitive loss to a great Oregon team. You could also make a case for Michigan but seriously screw Michigan. Probably wouldn't hurt to have Nebraska ranked, but why not reward some white hot #MACtion at season's end?