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Moving on to Sparty...

The always hot and cold Kirk Cousins.
The always hot and cold Kirk Cousins.

Burger is going to break down some film on Michigan shortly and Whiskey has his viewing guide in the que, but in the meantime we begin looking ahead to the next opponent:

The Spartans of Michigan State.

Third straight game against a BCS opponent.

First ranked opponent of the year.

How do you feel going into this game?

We'll have full previews on Thurday, but share with us your thoughts on Sparty.

State* is 2-0 after playing two delicious cupcakes.

*I like to refer to MSU as "State." I know there are other programs around the country who like to go by that to signify their importance, but in this guy's Notre Dame world there is only one State, and that is Michigan State. So, I like to refer to the Spartans as State okay?

They've outscored their opponents so far 72-6, but it means absolutely nothing.

They struggled with Youngstown State for a while in their opener, but beat Howard Schnellenberger^ and Florida Atlantic last week by a larger margin than Florida, plus they pitched a shutout.

^I had to look up Schnelly's name to make sure I spelled it correctly. Did you know that he has been at FAU for 11 years? I seriously would have guessed about four years.

This is the third straight year Michigan State has come into their game against Notre Dame having played non-BCS teams beforehand. For what its worth, they are 4-3 since 2000 in games against BCS teams that take place before lining up against the Irish. Victories include, Pittsburgh (2007), Pittsburgh (2006), Rutgers (2003), and Missouri (2000), and losses to California (2008), Rutgers (2004), and California (2002). 

State is a team with great talent in certain areas, and some rather large holes in other places.

Very well balanced offense, but suspect and inexperienced offensive line.

Strong defensive line, but trying to overcome serious losses at linebacker and in the secondary.

A talented and true Leader™ (I know they are in the Legends division...whatever) at quarterback, but one that will drive State fans crazy with terrible inconsistency and mistakes.

Has this team really recovered from the raping by Alabama in their bowl game?

Notre Dame broke its winless streak against ranked opponents last year---how much would a victory on Saturday go towards completely turning this season around?

The turnovers have to stop, right?

The law of averages says this might be a turnover-free game.