OK Seriously No

Some questions....

I thought year two was supposed to be an improvement.  I want last year's team back.

Last year we were near the top of the nations for fewest penalties.  last week we had more personal fouls than we averaged per game.


Last year, the defensive secondary showed marked improvement.  this week, Denard was floating ducks for a 30-40 yd per completion clip.

Last year we cut down on giving up the "BIG PLAY".  This year DERP DERP DERP.

Last year we seemed to be a disciplined team.  This year we have turned the rock over 9 times.  Six of them in the red zone.

We start the game on fire and finish like a wet tissue.  Were Brian Smith and Kerry Neal that important to this team?

Seriously, I don't think I can see it as a fluke couple of plays keeping us back.  Every stage of the game except Cierre and Kick Offs has regressed.

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