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He's Back: Michael Floyd Reinstated to Irish Football Team

Welcome back, Michael.
Welcome back, Michael.

Three days before fall camp opens to start the 2011 season, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly has reinstated wide receiver Michael Floyd to the football team.

Here is the statement from the university per the press release today:

"From the very beginning of this process, Michael knew what was expected for him to be a member of our football program," Kelly said. "I told Michael that football needed to become of less importance to him while he worked on personal growth. Over the last four months, Michael impressed those that had close contact with him including professional advisors. Based on my own observations, I am very pleased with the progress Michael has made since March. That is why I am comfortable reinstating him to our football team. Michael knows that he must continue on this positive track. I look forward to witnessing the development he has made based on lessons learned from this situation and how that will lead to better choices in the future."

No. 3 said:

"The last four months have been the most humbling stretch of time in my life," Floyd said. "I embarrassed myself, my family, the university, my football team and many more people. I know it will take time to earn the trust and confidence from everyone I let down last spring but I am prepared to do so and will strive to become not just a leader on the team again, but one also in the community. I am grateful for the opportunity to earn my degree this year from the University of Notre Dame and I look forward to reuniting with my football family this fall."

The university also said both Kelly and Floyd will be made available to the media today at 3 ET. The press conference will be available online.

Now Floyd's path to redemption begins in the public eye. His personal redemption began months ago in private.

Interviews with both Brian Kelly and Michael Floyd can be found, here.

Welcome back, Michael.