Would you rather ND be USC, or Vanderbilt?

So I got into a rather lengthy discussion with an Alabama fan and a tOSU fan over at EDSBS, centering on whether "everyone is doing it" (meaning cheating) in college football. It seems most people think that every school does stuff, but only the high profile stuff gets caught. Personally, I would rather walk away from ND football forever than see us win a National Championship with illegally recruited players or kids getting paid. But, I'm simply one voice.


And so I present to you, esteemed fellow ND fans: Which would you rather be? Would you rather do things "the right way" (which I think for the most part we do), and go 3-9, 4-8, etc. for the foreseeable future? All the kids graduate, no scandals, no players paid, no recruits taken on trips to strip clubs, no agents hanging around paying kids while in school, no boosters taking kids on their private yachts.


OR, would you rather go to a BCS bowl game every year, win a couple of national titles, and ignore the fact that our star WR was paid $50,000 and given a car to be at ND, our star LB was taken to a strip club so he could have sex with the strippers, the entire starting DL is only eligible because the tutors are writing their papers, and the QB has an agent buying his mom a house.


Vote, and if you want to give opinions in the comments, then go for it, but feel free to keep your vote anonymous, too. PLEASE note that I'm not trying to argue that we can't compete at a high level if we don't pay players (I don't think that at all), nor am I saying that I think we are, or are not, or anything. Also, I am NOT trying to say I agree with NCAA rules or that I don't agree with them. I think the way the NCAA does business needs to be changed, and players should get some benefit commensurate with what they put into the school dollar-wise. Feel free to discuss those issues, but most important is really, would you rather be USC and win several titles, even if done illicitly and they got stripped and the program hammered years later, or would you rather be like Vandy or Duke--good school, constantly struggling to have a winning season, but doing things "the right way". I'm simply trying to gauge how ND fans feel about the issue. A lot of fan bases, from what I see, simply don't care as long as their team wins. I've always felt ND was different. Am I right or wrong? I have no idea.

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