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Irish Undrafted Signees, Devine's Statue, Extending the Navy Series, and More News

It's been a while since we talked about some of the news stories making their way through this crazy world of ours, so let's take a look at some of the Notre Dame related topics being discussed.

First up is the news that a nice collection of Irish players have signed free agent contracts in the wake of the ending of the NFL lockout.

Congratulations to all the Golden Domers trying to live their dream!

Here are all the players who inked contracts this week:

  • In all, 6 players took the first step to making an NFL roster, including...

Ian Williams, DT


Brian Smith, LB


Darrin Walls, CB


Chris Stewart, OG


Robert Hughes, RB


Armando Allen, RB


Although we wish these guys the best, most of them have an up hill battle to climb.

Ian Williams and Darrin Walls should be the two players who are good bets to make their teams and actually contribute within the next year or two. Both have the potential to carve our solid careers in the NFL.

The rest, I'm not so sure of.

Brian Smith has the advantage of going to a Browns team that doesn't have great talent at his position, so that's a plus for him.

The New York Jets tend to have a really good offensive line every year, so Stewart might be a very long-term project for that franchise if they're willing to invest in him.

Hughes probably went to the one team that will use his skills in the right way, yet the Bears have an awful offensive line and even if they are going to pound the ball, having terrible blockers might not bode well for Robert.

Allen going to Tampa is interesting, but it's hard to imagine him standing up to the physicality of the NFL. There might be some hope that Allen can make a name for himself on special teams and be a seldom used change of pace running back though.

  • In other news, Notre Dame jointly announced with the United State Naval Academy that the two school's playing series will continue through 2026.

Most people were all like, "Yeah, we play Navy every year and always will...what's the big deal?"

Well the announcement is basically a way of celebrating that these two teams will have played each other for 100 straight years once 2026 rolls around, which if you think of it, is pretty crazy.

Here's to Notre Dame going 16-0 over the next decade and a half.

  • 2011 offensive tackle prospect Jordan Prestwood has made his transfer from Florida State official as he will join the Notre Dame program next week.

This is kind of a big deal since Prestwood was considered the second best offensive linemen of the Irish class before he defected to the Seminoles.

He's probably behind the learning curve of all the other freshmen and won't see any playing time for a year or two, but Prestwood should be one heck of player if he lives up to his potential.

  • Elsewhere in the recruiting news, No. 1 rated quarterback Gunner Kiel verbally committed to Indiana yesterday. The in-state signal caller didn't opt for Notre Dame or Purdue, but the state's third best program instead.

All in all not a bad decision as far as Irish fans are concerned.

We definitely did not want to see him at Oklahoma or Michigan, even though the latter seemed to be an extreme long shot. With Kiel's brother already a Hoosier, this looks like a verbal that will likely stick.

Good luck to Kiel with his Bloomington adventure.

  • Via the twitter account of Notre Dame's head equipment manager Ryan Grooms, comes this picture of the 2011 green jersey.

Other than the "Fighting Irish" inside the collar, this is the same jersey worn last year.

Can we please have white numbers in gold outline though? Is it too much to ask?

So when do you think the Irish will wear the green this year?

USC? Maryland? Air Force?

I think we'll keep wearing the green at the neutral site games, as it's fitting and a lot less controversial than pulling them out for could-be big games like USC. Plus, Brian Kelly has already said the team would be wearing "something even Oregon hasn't done" against the Trojans, so that might rule out the green for that tilt.

Why would we wear them against Air Force, though?


  • Dan Devine will FINALLY be honored with his own statue outside of Notre Dame Stadium when the Irish battle the Air Force Academy on October 8th.

Will the team honor Devine, who sparked a revival at Notre Dame for wearing green, by donning the emerald against the Falcons?

Thank goodness Devine finally take his place along with the other national championship winning coaches outside of Notre Dame Stadium though. Although he did have one gate named after him like the rest of the title winners, he is the last to have a statue built in his memory.

  • Lastly, Butch Davis has been fired from his head coaching job at North Carolina.

This is good news for anyone who was recruiting against Davis and the Tar Heels with their shady ways. It's especially good news for Notre Dame who has found some success lately in the Carolina's and Eastern seaboard in the Tar Heels territory.

Now, can the Fighting Irish please steal Keith Marshall away from all the other schools?