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Counting Down the Irish with Keith Arnold: 15-11

With this next list of five from the Top 25 Notre Dame players, we are more than half way home.

Keith Arnold over at Inside the Irish has been running the show and keeps things moving as we count down to the team's very best talent. 

Here's the list up until today:

25. Taylor Dever (OT, Sr.)
24. Chris Watt (OG, Jr.)
23. Zeke Motta (S, Jr.)
22. Aaron Lynch (DE, Fr.)
21. Carlo Calabrese (LB, Jr.)
20. TJ Jones (WR, Soph.)
19. Louis Nix (NT, Soph.)
18. Braxston Cave (C, Sr.)
17. Tommy Rees (QB, Soph.)
16. Prince Shembo (OLB, Soph.)

Now we start getting into the serious playmakers and the grizzled veterans.

The average from the blogs that listed their top players comes up with the next five:

15. Trevor Robinson (RG, Sr.)

14. Ethan Johnson (DE, Sr.)

13. Dayne Crist (QB, Sr.)

12. Tyler Eifert (TE, Jr.)

11. Kapron Lewis-Moore (DE, Sr.)

My personal next five were:

15. Trevor Robinson (RG, Sr.)

14. Robert Blanton (CB, Sr.)

13. Kapron Lewis-Moore (DE, Sr.)

12. Braxston Cave (C, Sr.)

11. Tyler Eifert (TE, Jr.)

I continue to have a list that is very similar to the average from all of the blogs, so I guess that's a good thing. Three players appear on both lists as you can see.

I rated Ethan Johnson the lowest out of all the participants, putting him at #19.

I also ranked Robert Blanton the second lowest out of the group as well. 

I did however rank Crist the highest and by far, putting him at #4.

We'll see who'll be laughing soon enough!