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Counting Down the Irish with Keith Arnold: 20-16

Sean Cwynar and Prince Shembo about to do some damage. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Sean Cwynar and Prince Shembo about to do some damage. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We are moving on to the next set of players in our countdown of the top 25 Notre Dame players, led by Keith Arnold over at Inside the Irish at NBC Sports.

Here's the link to Arnold's new post, and the next 5 players will come after the jump.

Remember, this list is an average of the lists from several bloggers. Here are players 20-16:

20. TJ Jones (So. WR)

19. Louis Nix (So. NT)

18. Braxston Cave (Sr. C)

17. Tommy Rees (So. QB)

16. Prince Shembo (So. OLB)

My personal list looked like this:

20. Sean Cwynar (Sr. NT)

19. Ethan Johnson (Sr. DE)

18. TJ Jones (So. WR)

17. Carlo Calabrese (Jr. MLB)

16. Tommy Rees (So. QB)


  • As I have already mentioned in the first post of this series, I did not put any players who haven't seen the field in an Irish uniform on my list. If I did, I probably would have put Nix in this group.
  • TJ Jones and Tommy Rees are very close to where I had them. 
  • This is a good spot for starters who are solid, if not spectacular. I think all of the players on both of the lists are exactly that. Ethan Johnson would be the poster boy for this group in my opinion.
  • There is a lot of potential for Jones, Cave, and Shembo to move up quite a bit in these rankings.
  • I'm less bullish on Jones now than I was this time last year. I'm not sure how he's going to handle being an outside receiver at 5'11" and with someone like Davaris Daniels breathing down his neck from day one.
  • I like Cave to have a very good season and move up a few spots.
  • Prince Shembo should be one of our defenses' best playmakers. I won't be surprised if he's easily in the top 10 for this list next year.

Your thoughts?