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Counting Down the Irish with Keith Arnold: 21-25

Zeke Motta trying to wrap up a Trojan. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Zeke Motta trying to wrap up a Trojan. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We are excited to be participating in NBC Sports Inside the Irish countdown of the top 25 players on the Notre Dame roster. The master of that blog, Keith Arnold, has thrown together a team of other sites and we have all voted on where we think the players should go.

So far, we've had some pretty interesting results.

Arnold has posted the first five players, which is an average of all the votes from each of the blogs.

The bottom half of the list is as follows:

25. Taylor Dever (Sr. OT)

24. Chris Watt (Jr. OG)

23. Zeke Motta (Jr. S)

22. Aaron Lynch (Fr. DE)

21. Carlo Calabrese (Jr. LB)

Overall, that is a good spot for each of those players.

The bottom half of my list looked like this:

25. Robby Toma (Jr. WR)

24. Danny Spond (So. LB)

23. Chris Watt (Jr. OG)

22. Zeke Motta (Jr. S)

21. Prince Shembo (So. LB)

Unfortunately I did not place any players in my top 25 who have not stepped on the field during a game for the Irish. I mistakenly thought they weren't part of the deal, but it really only affected the last third of my list anyway. Plus, it made my top 25 a little more interesting to pick.

So guys like Lynch, Ishaq, Tuitt, and Hendrix probably would have had been ranked a spot or two higher if I put them in, which I probably would have. That's my bad.

The biggest discussion over at Inside the Irish revolves around Sean Cwynar not making the top 25, and DMQ from Her Loyal Sons not putting Dayne Crist anywhere on his list.

4 out of the 6 blogs didn't put Cwynar in their top 25, except Arnold who put him at #18, while yours truly put him at #20. I believe he belongs on this list for sure.

And no Crist in HLS' top 25? Come on now...that's a Colin Cowherd move.

Expect the next five players to come out in the near future.