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A New Day Has Dawned

Welcome to the new One Foot Down!
Welcome to the new One Foot Down!

This is our first post at our new home at SBNation.

One Foot Down has been around on the internet for a couple of years and just spent a successful 2010 season as a growing part of the FanTake Network.

OFD’s creator, the wise Whiskey, will be back in the rotation shortly and wanted to leave this message for all of our readers, both old and new:

Welcome to One Foot Down where you can always expect to find a never ending conversation about Notre Dame and the greater college football landscape. For our regulars, please get registered so that you can jump right back into the comments section with us here at our new home.You can expect to see Eric Murtaugh, The Coach and myself doing what we do, just as we always have. You might even catch the Mouth of the South in the comments section winning the internet again (I swear we are going to get him to write more actual posts at some point).We also have a couple of great new additions to the team from the artists formerly known as Rakes of Mallow, as CW and Burger23 will be adding to our coverage. So you can expect the best of both worlds and what we hope will turn out to be your favorite place for Fighting Irish coverage.For those of you that are new to OFD…thanks for stopping by. Leave us a comment and join in the conversation. We are looking forward to mixing it up with all of our new neighbors here at our new home.Thanks again to SBN for giving us the opportunity to take the reigns as the official SBN Notre Dame blog.Go Irish!

If I can add to those sentiments, I would like to say that we want to create an environment that is energetic, entertaining, thought provoking, interesting, and fun.

We want fans of this site to look forward to logging in and debating the vast array of topics surrounding Notre Dame and college football.

Most of all, we want this to be the place where people are genuinely happy and excited to read and talk about Notre Dame football, and the sport in general.

Sure the past 15 years of Notre Dame Football has conditioned some skepticism and bitterness, but we approach each season and each Saturday with a smile on our faces and a never-ending love of the Fighting Irish.

We’re going to be serious, we’re going to be funny, and we’re going to tell it like it is.

I hope you stick around and be part of this new OFD because it’s going to be a fun ride.

~Whiskey & Eric