Kansas Hires Charlie Weis as Head Football Coach

Charlie Weis is back, baby! After spending one season each as offensive coordinator for the Chiefs and Gators, the former Irish head coach has accepted a position as head coach of the Kansas Jayhawks, who fired Turner Gill after two very disappointing seasons in Lawrence. Here are some facts, opinions and photos.

  • One rumor has Charlie Weis making over three million dollars. What?! How?!
  • If you read one thing, please make it Spencer Hall's all-caps celebratory rant. Spencer is a Florida Gators fan who was subjected to Weis' offense in its Notre Dame 2007 form this year. He is pleased to see Weis gone.
  • Mangino Joke.
  • Kansas is a pretty thankless job, being a basketball school with no natural recruiting base and limited football tradition, but I don't see this working well. I get Weis still has a pretty good reputation outside of South Bend and Gainesville, but he needs to learn a lot from his past if he wants to succeed in this new position. Considering what we know about Weis, his hubris doesn't allow him to really make those changes. If Weis gets a stud defensive coordinator and can get some pieces for his offense, maybe he'll find success, but I just don't know.
  • I'm not a recruiting expert, but top wide receiver Nelson Agholor, who visited Notre Dame for Air Force and is considered a potential Irish signee, is likely rescheduling a visit to Florida. I have no idea if this helps or hurts the Irish in the long run.
  • I'm legitimately concerned about Weis' health. I was watching Florida/Florida State with my family Thanksgiving Saturday and they all remarked how terrible he looked. He really would be better served just taking some time off, as opposed to plunging into a more stressful and intense position.
  • This image is from the official Kansas website. Enjoy:


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