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Introducing the OFD Bowl Challenge!


Bowl season is upon us and One Foot Down is sponsoring a bowl pick 'em challenge! Let me answer a few of your questions.

1. Sounds like fun! What are the rules?
This is a "confidence" league. That means you pick a winner for every game and then rank them 1-35, with 35 being your most confident and 1 being your least confident. If your team wins, you get that many points. So if you're absolutely sure Wyoming will beat Temple in the New Mexico Bowl, then put 35 points on it. If you think the Las Vegas Bowl is basically a coin flip, then just wager one point on it.

2. Who can play?
Everyone is invited to play! Long time commentor? Sign up! Never commented before? Sign up! Is this the first post you've ever read on OFD? Sign up! Tell your friends. The more the merrier. The group will be private so random people can't join in, but the password will be freely available (more on that in a sec).

3. Will there be any prizes for the winner?
Besides the pride and admiration of the entire OFD community? What more could you want? But yes, there will be a prize. The winner will take home a free t-shirt from the OFD Store. Right now the selection is pretty meager, but Whiskey is hard at work coming up with new designs so stay tuned. And before everyone cries foul when I destroy the competition, the writers at OFD are ineligible for prizes, so the shirt will go to the top non-writer.

4. Ok, I'm intrigued. Where do I sign up?

The pool will be run through ESPN. It's not the most intuitive process, so I'll explain that the only way I know how: with pictures and crudely drawn arrows.

First, go to

Go to "Bowl Mania" under the "NCAA FB" tab.

You ned to sign up for an account, so hit the big red button and fill out the form.

Now things get a little confusing. The account you signed up for is for the whole ESPN network, not just Bowl Mania. Once you sign into Bowl Mania, you'll need to create an entry. ESPN allows you to make one selection (your "entry") and then use it in multiple pools. This lets you avoid having to fill out your winners multiple times. You can name your entry whatever you want and it will be displayed along with your username, so be creative. There are two things to note. First, you don't need to actually fill out your predictions at this time. Just create the entry and come back later if you want. Second, make sure it's a "confidence" entry, otherwise it won't be allowed in our pool.

Ok, your entry is created, so now you need to join our group. Under the "Group" column in My Entry, click "Create or Join a Group".

You should be at the Group Directory. Just type in "OFD" into the search box and "2011 OFD Bowl Pick 'Em" should pop up. Click on it to join the group.

In order to keep random people out of our group, I made it private.

The password to join the group is "harumph" - all lowercase.

This isn't a big secret, so spread it around to those that want it.

Type in the password in the box with the 1 next to it, and then push the button with the 2 next to it.

Congratulations! You're in! Fill out your entry and away you go!

5. Boy, that seems like a lot of trouble.

I agree. Blame ESPN.

6. Who should I direct my rocks towards when I run into problems during the sign-up process?

If you have any trouble joining the group or if my directions were terrible, direct your rocks towards Murtaugh and/or Mouth and then either leave a comment or shoot me an email at

7. When do my picks need to be done?

Just make sure they're done before the first bowl game. That's Dec. 17 at 2PM. That leaves you with 11 days to do your research/blindly pick teams. Once that game kicks off, your picks are locked.

8. Do I have any chance at winning?

Absolutely not. I will destroy you all.

All participants are subject to the official rules found here.