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The Big E College Football Picks: Regular Season Wrap-Up

Not bad outfits. Not bad outfits at all. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Not bad outfits. Not bad outfits at all. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The regular and conference championship season is all over.

The only game left now is the Army-Navy matchup this upcoming weekend.

It's been a fairly successful season picking games and a huge improvement over last year. As bowl season begins I will be looking to get over that elusive 60% mark.

Jim Miesle is hot on my tails while Michael Collins finished strong with his best performance in weeks.

Final regular season records after the jump.

Murtaugh: 96-68 (58.18%)

Miesle: 93-71 (56.63%)

Collins: 79-85 (47.88%)

This past week was definitely one in which to take the underdogs.


*Cincinnati held off UConn to grab a share of the Big East championship. However, the Bearcats missed the cover by a point and then watched West Virginia pick up the auto-BCS bid.

*Kansas State defeated Iowa State but also couldn't cover.

*Baylor took care of business against Texas and furthered the RG3 Heisman campaign. Could he actually win it?

*LSU started slow again and opened up a can off whoop-ass on Georgia. The Bulldogs somewhat quietly had one of the weakest 10-win seasons in history (you can say that about a lot of teams these days).

*Wisconsin was able to get pay back on Michigan State, but the Badgers couldn't cover. I told you the spread was much too high in this one.


*Oregon couldn't cover against UCLA---which didn't surprise me. Sometimes you should go against the grain.

*Pitt was able to salvage some of its season and drop Syracuse while also covering.

*Poor Houston came all this way and then got roughed up in their conference title game.

*Apparently Clemson has Virginia Tech's number as they blew out the Hokies for the second time this season. No matter, Va Tech backed into a BCS bowl anyway (yay bowl season!)

*Boise State shut out New Mexico but failed to cover their humongous spread.

*Oklahoma has a lot of questions now with a shellacking by the hands of in-state rival Oklahoma State. The Cowboys still found themselves on the outside looking in for the BCS title game though.

*San Diego State beat Fresno State but just missed the cover.

That's it for the regular season kids.

We'll start picking games later next week with Whiskey also providing a look at the bowl games on television per our usual set up.

And don't forget, Burgs is setting up a Bowl Pick 'Em contest that we would like all of you to participate in if you so choose.

We'll have more information on that coming very soon.