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BlogPoll Top 25 Week 15: Cowboy Up

As always, not a power poll or predictor of future success. More thoughts after the jump:

As many have stated, having either Oklahoma State or Alabama at number two is correct. Alabama's one loss came to the undisputed best team in the country in LSU's closest game of the season by far. Oklahoma State's loss came on the road, in overtime, at night on the same day many of the players and staff found out that members of the Cowboys family had died in a tragic plane crash. Ignoring the Andy Staples (who I love!) argument of "Well, I've seen both teams in person and 'Bama would kill OK State," the Cowboys simply have a better resume. More wins against winning Division-I teams and more wins against Top 25 teams is enough for me, playing in a conference that was actually far deeper than a pretty weak SEC this year.

Again, having the Tide at number two isn't wrong, but I think the Pokes are just a little more right.

A few other things down-ballot:

Oklahoma murdered Kansas State and I would have liked to kept them ahead of the Wildcats, but sadly the Sooners didn't show up to Bedlam and earned their third loss of the year. Other head-to-head inconsistencies include South Carolina ahead of an Arkansas team that beat them a few weeks ago and Oklahoma ahead of Baylor. (I might end up dropping the Sooners a little more between now and tomorrow morning.) It's fun to make fun of voters for putting teams behind teams they beat head-to-head, but at some point that's just one data point in a long season. However, this doesn't apply to anyone who put Virginia Tech over Clemson, especially when the Hokies got wailed on by them twice and managed to beat no one else of note along the way.