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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 14

HONEY BADGER 4 HEISMAN. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
HONEY BADGER 4 HEISMAN. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Getty Images

They call this Championship Week---but leave it to college football to confuse everybody and throw in plenty of regular season games just for good measure.

After this week the picks will be done until bowl season, at which point it will get crazy around here.

Let's take a look back at last weekend before providing some Week 14 picks.

Last Week: 8-4

Overall: 91-61


*Unfortunately, Stanford covered against the Irish.

*Houston started off slow but ended up blitzkrieging Tulsa.

*Georgia took care of business against in-state rival Georgia Tech. That's 10 in a row for the Bulldogs---although if you can believe it, they went that entire stretch without playing a ranked team.

*Michigan ended up stopping the long losing streak to Ohio State, but the Wolverines didn't cover.

*Virginia Tech just walloped UVA by the score of 38-0.

*Oregon covered their 27.5 point spread with Oregon State by half a point. Hooray!

*Alabama beat Auburn by 28 points as well---which goes right up there with the 2008 game for modern-day beatings in the Iron Bowl.

*USC had lots of fun in a 50-0 smacking of UCLA---the final game of the Rick Noohighsal era.


*For a while I was smiling from ear to ear as Arkansas got out to a healthy lead over LSU. Within 45 minutes I was completely dour. The Tigers are a machine this year.

*Penn State FINALLY had its doors blown off thanks to Wisconsin. The Badgers also picked up an invite to the BIG title game, denying PSU what would be a pretty uncomfortable situation I think.

*Florida State beat Florida with less than 100 yards of offense. "What great defense from both teams" the apologists exclaim.

*Clemson was blown out by South Carolina. Is the Gamecocks 10-win season one of the most unimpressive ever? It's their first 10-win season since 1984, but why doesn't it feel like a bigger deal?

*Friday game

UCLA (+31) at No. 8 Oregon* [PAC-12 CHAMPIONSHIP]

Pick: Oregon

I know UCLA isn't going to show up for this game, so the question becomes how bad does Oregon want to bury the Bruins? Will Chip build a nice comfortable lead in the first half and be content to rest some players in the second half knowing UCLA can't move the ball a lick?

You would think the Ducks will be pretty content just to win this one early and coast in the second half to set up a more meaningful bowl game. A back door cover is a possibility here, but I'm still sticking with Oregon.

Syracuse (+10.5) at Pittsburgh

Pick: Syracuse

Is Syracuse ever going to turn it around? Also, remember when some people thought Pitt would be really good this year? Both of these teams come into this tilt at 5-6---here in Buffalo the Wanstache is smiling.

I'll take the points on what should be a sloppy Heinz Field and a Pitt team without Ray Graham.

No. 24 Southern Miss (+14) at No. 7 Houston [CONFERENCE USA CHAMPIONSHIP]

Pick: Houston

We're bound to see a ton of points in this game so buckle up. It's tempting to take the points but Southern Miss has really been inconsistent this year and Houston has been on a roll and obviously has the difference maker in Keenum.

I'm kind of interested in this game, does that make me weird?

UConn (+9) at Cincinnati

Pick: UConn

Cincinnati doesn't have Collaros for this game---take the Huskies.

It's just that simple.

Iowa State (+10.5) at No. 16 Kansas State

Pick: Iowa State

It's been pretty amazing that K-State has hung around in the rankings this long---just another small miracle from the Old Man of Manhattan.

But my hunch here is that the Cyclones might win this game and finally push the Wildcats out of the top 25 heading into the bowl game. Sometimes you just have to run with your hunches.

Texas (+2.5) at No. 19 Baylor

Pick: Baylor

RG3 should be healthy for this one, right? All signs are pointing to him playing in this one?

Then I'm taking Baylor.

I wouldn't have done so earlier in the year but Texas can't keep up with this Baylor offense. Just ask Oklahoma.

No. 12 Georgia (+13.5) at No. 1 LSU [SEC CHAMPIONSHIP]

Pick: LSU

Yes, Georgia has won 10 in a row and comes into this game pretty hot. But those Bayou Bengals come in a little hotter themselves, and also having played some big boys along the way.

I don't think the Dawgs can protect Murray or establish a running game---deadly sins against LSU. The result could be very, very ugly.

No. 5 Virginia Tech (-7) at No. 21 Clemson [ACC CHAMPIONSHIP]

Pick: Virginia Tech

My thought is that teams have started to figure out Clemson's offense under their new OC and the Tigers have added to that with their annual late-season slide. The Hokies will come into this game wanting revenge from their only loss to Clemson.

Which means, the Irish will likely play the Tigers in the Champs Sports Bowl. How do you feel about that---with Clemson (possibly) having lost 4 of their last 5 games?

New Mexico (+48.5) at No. 9 Boise State

Pick: Boise State

What do the New Mexico players think when they see a spread like this? That has to be super deflating.

Plus, they know Footaw Bob is coming too---I can't imagine this team is going to put in a great effort. Let's take Boise State to roll and maybe get close to 70 points.

No. 13 Oklahoma (+3.5) at No. 3 Oklahoma State

Pick: Oklahoma

It's been difficult for me to really jump on the Cowboy bandwagon, and I'll even pick an injured or banged up Oklahoma team because I believe the Sooners have what it takes to win this game.

At the very least, I feel safe taking the points.

No. 15 Wisconsin (-9.5) at No. 11 Michigan State [BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP]

Pick: Michigan State

This spread feels way too high for my liking. Yeah MSU won the regular season matchup on a fluky Hail Mary, but has Wisconsin definitely proved they are nearly a double digit favorite over Sparty at this point?

I don't think so.

I'll take Wisconsin to win a very close game.

Fresno State (+8) at San Diego State

Pick: San Diego State

Sorry I had to throw in another game to get to the requisite 12 per week.

I'll take the Aztecs at home by about 15 points.

Enjoy the Notre Dame-less weekend!