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The Big E College Football Picks: Bowl Season Phase One

Well here we are to yet another offseason of exhibition games without a playoff. Will this be the last season that we can say that?

I sure hope so.

This sport deserves better than a BCS system determining a No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup and then a giant swath of meaningless games.

And these first 10 bowl games---come on. I love college football and everything, but come on.

I'll do my best, but there are no promises with this crap-fest.

Last Week: 5-7

Overall: 96-68

Temple (-7) at Wyoming

Pick: Temple

I once heard Woody Paige say that Wyoming was having a fantastic season and nobody knew about it because they are playing in Wyoming. That's all I need to know.

I'm taking Temple to cover.

Ohio (+1.5) at Utah State

Pick: Utah State

Don't you sometimes see Utah State and think to yourself, "Oh yeah, they are that really good FCS program."

Well, they are in FBS people and they are actually better than you think. I'll take Utah State to play better out in their part of the country while Ohio gets fat and lazy from too much butter and sour cream on their potatoes.

San Diego State (-4.5) at Louisiana-Lafayette

Pick: San Diego State

Lafayette will be the de facto home team for this game being played in the Superdome. In last year's New Orelans Bowl, I swear no more than 2,000 people showed up. Let's hope the turnout is better this year.

Is Ronnie Hillman playing in this game? I don't even care, I'm still taking the Aztecs.

Florida International (-4) at Marshall

Pick: FIU

This is the game that is played at Tropicana Field and the football lines look really funny on the baseball field. Overall, it's just a super weird arrangement, but that's bowl season for you.

I've watched FIU a couple times this season and they aren't half bad. I'll take their Florida speed over those clunky West Virginians up north.

TCU (-10.5) at Louisiana Tech

Pick: TCU

Poor TCU. They were in the discussion for a BCS bowl bid and then fell all the way to this game against a team with a mascot most ardent college football fans don't know the name of.

The Bulldogs are going to have a hard time dealing with TCU's spread offense, and even though there may be many points in this one, I foresee the Horned Frogs being able to cover.

Arizona State (+14) at Boise State

Pick: Boise State

Worst bowl logo ever?

This would have looked like a great bowl game---during the preseason.

Arizona State is a mess right now and Boise State knows how to take care of business in games like this. I'll take Moore in his last college game to have a big day in a trouncing of the Sun Devils.

Nevada (+6) at Southern Miss

Pick: Southern Miss

Both of these teams live off of beating some of the worst competition in FBS, but I like the Golden Eagles offense much better in this matchup. Southern Miss comes into this game 11-2 and has the opportunity to put together a finishing touch on a tremendous season.

I like them to do so with a big win.

North Carolina (+5) at Missouri

Pick: North Carolina

Missouri has been all over the place this year, playing well at times, looking mediocre, and then looking horrible---sometimes in consecutive weeks.

North Carolina still has a somewhat fearsome defense and I'll depend on them to keep this game close. An outright Tar Heel victory shouldn't be too surprising.

Western Michigan (+2.5) at Purdue

Pick: Western Michigan

This is annually one of the most unwatchable bowl games and this year is no different. Purdue was able to right the ship a little bit towards the end of the regular season but Western Michigan is pretty solid for a MAC team.

I'll go ahead and call the outright upset.

Louisville (+2.5) at North Carolina State

Pick: Louisville

How did North Carolina State end up favored in this game? Perhaps I should be wondering how NC State ended up 7-5 with wins over Virginia, Clemson, and Maryland? Man, that ACC football...

I'll hitch my wagon to Charlie Strong in a defensive battle that ends up with the Cardinals winning in dramatic fashion.

Enjoy the games---if you can.