Serious Topic Is Serious: Penn State

Be thankful that we can get into internet shouting matches about helmets with shamrocks and whether a 38/24 run/pass split is not enough running. Be thankful that our biggest problem is whether Tommy Rees is going to be our starter going forward or Hendrix/Golson will take over next spring. Be thankful that we have two games against inferior opponents before ending the regular season at Stanford. Be thankful that we are bowl eligible and have a good idea of our destination. Be thankful that these are the things we wrestle with at the moment.


The situation at Penn State is not a joke, and is not a moment to be smug and look down on that program, thinking we're above them. No one expected this. No one saw this coming. By "no one", I mean outside the immediate circle of those involved. Penn State alums and fans have always prided themselves on doing things "the right way". They trumpet tradition and a history of success. Sound familiar, Irish? It would be easy to sit here and say "oh, nothing like that could happen at Notre Dame, we wouldn't stand for it." Well, I'm sure Penn State fans would say the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot. Something like this only takes a few people in key positions to turn a blind eye, for whatever reason. Part of the reason we love Notre Dame like we do is that we BELIEVE the people responsible at Notre Dame, whatever we think of their scheduling or uniform choices, would root something like this out, no matter where or who was involved. But Penn State fans would have thought the same thing. You don't know until a news story this horrible breaks.


Be thankful we are not Penn State. Be thankful Notre Dame, in the IMPORTANT things (not uniforms or stadium music, or any of that nonsense) does things the RIGHT WAY. But--be prayerful and hopeful that we continue that, that we demand that, and that everyone involved knows that and does the right thing, even when faced with difficult choices. I have faith that ND would have acted to stop this tragic series of events. Sadly, I'm sure Penn State fans would have thought the same about their University.


Go Irish. Harrumph Fullbacks. Harrumph Shamrocks and Gold Leaf. Rant all you want about those. But say a prayer that those things are what we are talking about. It could be so much worse.

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