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ND v. Stanford: Feathers In The Cap And Black Eyes

Yeah, I love beating Notre Dame too.  

Yeah, that was fun, wasn't it.
Yeah, I love beating Notre Dame too. Yeah, that was fun, wasn't it.

Well, that was disappointing. Notre Dame's season ended much as it began--with a bevy of turnovers, miscues galore, and a quarterback change. The Irish had a big opportunity to show the country that they were ready for prime time, but they just weren't. Here are your Stanford Black Eyes. And maybe a few Feathers In The Cap.

Black Eyes

Offense. This goes for everyone except those explicitly exempted below. What. The. H? Why is it that in big games we can expect the Notre Dame offense to make the opposing defense look like the '85 Bears? Damn it all to hell.

Not being ready for prime time. The Irish--at least the offense--again came out flat and befuddled-looking (what is the oblate spheroid and what on earth should I do with it? Perhaps I should throw it between my legs to this gentlemen standing behind me. Wait until he calls for it? Naaaaah.) when the lights were brightest. LSU we are not.

Shooting ourselves in the foot. Four false starts is not a good way to start the game. Turnovers. Miscues. I'm too disappointed to write in complete sentences.

Stanford's field. I would rather play going uphill both ways on a brass skating rink on the shady side of an iceberg in January. A wise man once said that "some [poor unfortunate souls] are always trying to ice skate uphill." Why must rebuilding Notre Dame Football feel this way?

Last but definitely not least: quarterback controversy. I'm sure that I'm not the first person to utter these words, and at the risk of stating the obvious--when did that ever stop me--if Andrew Hendrix was capable of playing like this, why has he been riding the pine? This topic will no doubt be beaten to death in the coming months, so I'll leave it at that. No I won't. Criminy, I understand that the kid is going to make mistakes. So let him do it against Purdue. And Navy. And Air Force. And in practice. Just GET HIM READY TO PLAY BEFORE THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE SEASON. Oy vay I feel like an H.R. Pufnstuf reference is in order. Give this a listen and you will feel better. In any event if you were nervous that Tommy Rees would continue to hamstring quarterback the Notre Dame offense next season, you appear to have your answer. Mekhi Phifer from 8 Mile Tommy Rees is not.

Not Tommy Rees.

The Experience did NOT make Coach Kelly look good tonight.

Feathers In The Cap

Irish Defense. The Irish defense--down several starters on the d-line--held their own at the point of attack and limited Luck and The Cardinal to their lowest point total of the season. What more could we expect? A tip of the hat to the defense.

Andrew Hendrix. Are You Experienced? Unfortunately not.

Michael Floyd. Good game. We'll miss him. Hurts too much to say anything more.

Cierre Wood. This is primarily out of pity. C-Dub stepped into an alternate universe in which it was apparently possible for two particles to occupy the exact same space. There is no other explanation for how close the defenders were to Cierre before he even touched the ball.

Stanford uniforms. Very cool.

I am afraid to ask, but what do you, our loyal readers think?