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Week 10 National Preview- One Game To Rule Them All

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Welcome to week 10.  Notre Dame fans got a nice little pick me up last weekend in the form of a handy throttling of recent nemesis Navy.  It was a nice way to bounce back from a rough loss to USC.

While the Irish prepare to take on Wake Forest in prime time this weekend the only game in the country that most people are discussing is the SEC West matchup being played in the same time slot.  LSU and Alabama will also meet up in a prime time showdown that will put the winner in the driver's seat to the BCS Championship Game. 

Outside of those two games the lineup is less than stellar this weekend.  Consider this one more Saturday that you can catch up on a few things around the house during the day prior to the home stretch. 

For those interested in the full TV schedule utilize the link below or one of the others in our left sidebar.

Week 10 College Football TV Schedule

Rankings are per the BlogPoll.

*All times listed below are EST.

Games after the jump.

Tuesday 1 November

Northern Illinois at Toledo 7:00 ESPN2

There was a game on last night!  For those that missed it Northern Illinois edged Toledo 63-60 in a MAC thriller. 

Wednesday 2 November

Temple at Ohio 8:00 ESPN

There is absolutely no way that this MAC showdown will be anywhere near as entertaining as the Tuesday game.  Not possible.

Thursday 3 November

Florida State at Boston College 8:00 ESPN

This is not a good matchup.  At all.  BC is 2-6 and struggling mightily.  The Noles will make it 4 wins in a row by beating them handily. 

Friday 4 November

#22 USC at Colorado 9:00 ESPN

Kiffin and the Trojans will get to take out their Cardinal frustrations on a 1-8 Colorado squad in Boulder.  I hope it is cold.  Real cold. 

Saturday 5 November

Texas at Texas Tech 12:00 FX

This game tends to be pretty entertaining when they play it in Lubbock.  So which Tejas Tech squad will show up?  The one that knocked off the Sooners a couple of weeks ago or the one that followed that up by getting smoke checked by Iowa State?  I'm guessing something in between and the result should be a pretty entertaining game.

#14 Michigan at Iowa 12:00 ESPN

Is Michigan really 7-1?  That is truly hard to believe having watched them play a few times.  Of course when you take a look at their schedule it becomes fairly obvious how they have managed to do that.  This game might be interesting with emphasis on the might.

Army at Air Force 3:30 CBS

For those of you interested in the CIC Trophy it will belong to Air Force again after they knock off Army on Saturday afternoon.

Texas A&M at #7 Oklahoma 3:30 ABC/ESPN2

Purdue at #18 Wisconsin 3:30 ABC/ESPN2

#4 Stanford at Oregon State 3:30 ABC/

So this is the big ABC/WWL mid afternoon lineup eh?  Texas A&M will drop to 5-4 after the Sooners beat up on them.  Wiscy will bounce back from 2 straight L's by hanging 60 on the Boilers and Stanford will make short work of the Beavers. 

Missouri at Baylor 7:00 FOX

These two 4 win teams are pretty evenly matched.  This might be a game that is worth watching for about 15 minutes then you will likely switch over to watch....

#11 South Carolina at #8 Arkansas 7:15 ESPN

This game.  The rankings on these two is indicative of just how wide open things are this year as I don't think either of them is really all that great.  Both of these 1 loss teams have managed a couple of narrow escapes from lesser opponents and find themselves in pretty good shape as a result.  I think the Hogs get it done here.

#1 LSU at #2 Alabama 8:00 CBS

The game that everybody is talking about.  This really is a true heavyweight fight and the winner will be on the fast track to the BCS Championship game where they will get upset by Boise State.  Just kidding.  Sort of. 

Notre Dame at Wake Forest 8:00 ABC/ESPN2

Our Irish travel to Wake and the WWL bumps it into prime time.  That says a lot about the other available options this week.  The boys are whipping up full previews as per usual so I will leave the heavy lifting to them.  ND Rolls.  See you in the open thread!

#17 Kansas State at #3 Oklahoma State ABC/ESPN2

Stoops and company exposed the Cats last weekend.  The Cowboys will pile on here and give the Cats another harsh dose of reality.

What other games should I be trying to keep an eye on?