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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 12

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This season has flown by, and now we're staring at the last home game inside Notre Dame Stadium.

I said this last year, and I'll say it again---is this the last game inside Rock's House with natural grass?

We shall see.

On to this week's picks with a quick look back at week 11.

Last Week: 8-4

Overall: 75-53


*South Carolina covered in their win over Florida. The Gators are now 5-5 with games left against Furman and Florida State.

*Michigan State took care of business with a 37-21 win at Iowa. The Spartans might be a 11-2 BCS bowl team folks.

*Oklahoma State beat Texas Tech so bad I won't even mention the score again. Okay, I will---the Cowboys won the game 66-6.

*West Virginia went into Cincinnati, injured their QB, and took home a 3-point victory as underdogs. The Big East just got a lot more fun!

*Miami scored some late 4th quarter points and didn't let Florida State cover in the Seminoles victory. 

*Kansas State took the victory in an overtime thriller against Texas A&M.

*TCU straight up beat Boise State---I had a good feeling about this game. This was my proudest pick of the week.

*Oregon brought Stanford down to earth in an ever-so not gently way. The Ducks won by 23 points.


*Notre Dame did in fact cover the spread against Maryland.

*Texas only mustered 5 points in a loss against Missouri. Seriously, Longhorns?

*Nebraska held off a Penn State rally, but missed the cover by 1 point, ugh.

*Georgia simply dominated Auburn. The Tigers have four losses by 14, 24, 35, and 38 points---yet the pollsters are still giving them a lot of love.

Now on to week 12...

Boston College (+24.5) at #24 Notre Dame

Pick: Boston College

See the post, Irish Seek 3rd Straight Holy War.

#17 Nebraska (+3.5) at #20 Michigan

Pick: Nebraska

I would be very surprised if Nebraska didn't win this game---I just don't see Michigan taking home a victory here, let alone covering a pretty decent sized spread against a ranked opponent.

Nebraska's inconsistent offense is a bit of a concern, but I'm very comfortable taking the points anyway. 

#7 Clemson (-7.5) at NC State

Pick: Clemson

If I'm not mistaken, Clemson has already clinched their division so should we expect a little bit of a let down this weekend against the TOB? 

Shouldn't this spread be more like 17.5 points? I don't really know how the Wolfpack are going to stop the Tigers offense to the point where NC State will be a two-point conversion away from tying the game if they drive down the field and score late.

#21 Penn State (+7) at Ohio State

Pick: Penn State

Is it wrong to pick Penn State at this point? This is probably the first time I've picked them this year too.

Here's the deal: The Nittany Lions have a good defense and Ohio State will not be able to muster much offense in this game. I know that one for a fact---so at the end of the day I think Penn State is going to keep this close. But a win for the Lions is probably unlikely in the Shoe.

Mississippi State (+13) at #6 Arkansas

Pick: Arkansas

I don't like this pick---Mississippi State has a pretty decent defense and it just smells like one of those games Arkansas could straight up drop.

Side note: are the Hogs going to go to a second consecutive BCS bowl? Would that be the quietest back-to-back BCS bowl appearances ever? 

SMU (+19.5) at #11 Houston

Pick: Houston

Check out Houston making the picks for the first time this season. Yes, they are still undefeated and currently averaging almost 55 points per game, while winning by an average of 32 points a game.

Add that up and it sounds like Houston covers a lot of spreads.

Miami (PK) at South Florida

Pick: Miami

There are so few pick 'em games out there that this one had to be thrown in the mix. 

Did you realize that USF lost four games in a row before beating Syracuse by 20 last week? My goodness will we always regret blowing this season opener. 

#18 USC (+14.5) at #4 Oregon

Pick: USC

My initial inclination was to pick Oregon all day here, but I'm thinking the Trojans can handle the Ducks speed on offense and do just enough damage on the other side of the ball to keep this relatively close. 

Sometimes when you look at a spread like this with Oregon you think it will be easy for them, yet this game might be closer than we all think.

#5 Oklahoma (-15.5) at Baylor

Pick: Oklahoma

I never got on the Baylor bandwagon and I'm not about to start now. OU needs this game to stay in the national title race and can't afford to look past the Bears before they play rival Oklahoma State.

Baylor can't stop anybody. Anybody. The Sooners offense is going to run wild.

#16 Kansas State (+8.5) at Texas

Pick: Kansas State

What's up with these spreads with Kansas State this year? There have to be some people across the country making some serious dough off the Wildcats. 

Yeah, I could see Texas winning this game but who is going to walk away from the points here, especially with Kansas State's history against the Longhorns?

#10 Boise State (-18) at San Diego State

Pick: San Diego State

I really wanted to pick Boise State, but what do they have to play for now? And are we sure they are really THAT good this year? They did lose a lot of pieces from last year and just lost to a decent but not great TCU team.

That win over Georgia looks good now, but would you take the Broncos again if they were to play? I'll take Ronnie Hillman running hard and the points thank you very much.

California (+17.5) at #8 Stanford

Pick: Stanford

California has one of the worst quarterbacks I've seen this year, and I don't care how much of a rivalry game this is---Stanford is going to crush the Bears in this game.

Then we'll spend the following week cowering in fear of Andrew Luck. Or something like that.

Enjoy the weekend!