Happy Veteran's Day From Rocket Ismail

Happy Veteran's Day, One Foot Down. I know we've got a few military types out there who've shared the fun of getting up at 3 AM in random locations around the world, some dusty, some not, to watch/listen/hit refresh on a web page/skype/whatever necessary to track Irish football. I found some pictures of Rocket participating in a USO trip in Dec/Jan 2009-10. I didn't think I could love the man any more, but knowing he went to Baghdad with USO, I do. Say a prayer for those who couldn't make it back with us, and Go Irish.

ALSO, go check out the guy's site here: Traveling to Iraq. He was the video producer for the trip. The Youtube vid is his.









Tostitos 'Salute The Troops' Bowl Highlights (via KHolmesFrito)

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