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Football Food- Green Chile & Jalapeno Burgers

This installment in our Football Food series is simple and fantastic. For those of you that are sensitive to spicy food don't worry, these really aren't big on heat, just big on flavor. My young kids eat them. This recipe will produce 4 standard 1/4 burgers OR 12 sliders. Let's do this.


1lb Hamburger Meat

2 oz diced Hot green chiles (these come in little 4oz cans)

2 oz diced Hot jalapenos (these come in little 4oz cans)

1/4 medium sized white onion

1 garlic clove

1 Egg

Your favorite burger seasoning- I like Weber Gourmet Burger OR McCormick Spicy Montreal Steak Seasoning

Buns, garnish & condiments of your choosing. Suggestions on these coming momentarily.

Directions after the jump.


This recipe starts out making the exact same puree that we used as to start the Salsa that we made last week. Throw the onion, green chiles, jalapenos and garlic clove into a food processor and puree. If you don't have a food processor a blender works too it just takes longer. *If you prefer to make these just jalapeno or just green chile simply use 4oz of whichever you prefer. I am a huge fan of combining the two, but you could absolutely execute this recipe utilizing just jalapenos or just green chiles.

Now put your 1lb of hamburger meat in a mixing bowl. Beat the raw egg and add approximately 1/2 of it to the meat. Sprinkle your favorite burger seasoning on top of the pile and mix all of this together well. Now take the puree that you made and dump that into the bowl as well. Mix all of this together thoroughly.

You want the puree to be evenly distributed throughout the meat. This is what makes this recipe significantly better than any other jalapeno or green chile burger that you have ever eaten. Jalapenos and/ or Green Chiles are typically added topically to a burger that has already been cooked. Doing it this way will take it to an entirely different level.

Once that is complete you are just grilling hamburgers like you would normally. I prefer to do these as sliders vice full sized burgers but that is also personal taste. When I do sliders I use dinner rolls for buns vice the pre-packaged miniature slider buns. The dinner rolls tend to be softer and have a little more flavor. When I do these full sized I try to find jalapeno cheddar rolls vice normal hamburger buns. Those also add a nice touch.

For cheese I suggest Pepper Jack but almost any cheese will compliment these well. For the slider that is pictured I just put a spoonful of the hearty queso that we talked about last week right on top. Guacamole works well too. Outside of that lettuce, tomato and standard condiments also work just fine.