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Air Force at Notre Dame Open Thread

Many Notre Dame Fans are concerned about how the Fighting Irish will defend the Air Force offensive attack today. We have broken this one down shotgun style this week here at OFD. Murtaugh did his thing, The Coach hit us with a scouting report and Burger dovetailed off of that with a detailed breakdown of a couple of the Air Force offensive staples. Somewhere in there our own Mouth of the South won the internet. Again. So if you are here early and looking to get smart on the Falcons prior to kickoff hit any of those links, or just scroll on down.

The CliffsNotes version is that for the Notre Dame defense it starts and ends with shutting down Air Force Quarterback Tim Jefferson. On offense the Fighting Irish need to take advantage of an Air Force Rush Defense that is currently ranked #113 in the country. Meanwhile Tommy Rees needs to make good pre-snap reads and distribute the football to horses like Michael Floyd and Tyler Eifert.

Oh yeah, there was also mention that we would see a "special package" on offense this week with a different quarterback. Say hello to Andrew Hendrix. Or perhaps, as some of you mentioned it could very well be Irish Chocolate a.k.a. Louis Nix III in the Leprecat. Uh oh! That's 326 pounds of pure madness coming at you full speed. Physics wins.

Welcome to your Air Force vs. Notre Dame open thread.

Broadcast starts at 3:30 EST on NBC

Let's keep it at our standard level of civil and enjoy the conversation. Apologies in advance if I'm not as active as usual in the thread. I'm hanging out with one of my favorite Longhorns today so Murtaugh has the lead. We will see you in the comments after the jump.

Go Irish!