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Week 6 BlogPoll Ballot: SEC Status Quo

Some more thoughts after the jump.


  •  No change in the top two. Did you know Kentucky didn't complete its first pass against LSU until there was a minute left in the first half? Or that Florida, with Rainey and Demps and all that speed, had 14 yards rushing against Alabama? Tigers and Tide square off on November 5th. Might be a good game.
  • Oklahoma State has a bye and loses some juice from the A&M win because the Aggies are only capable of playing one half of football. Shooting up the rankings is Clemson, with back-to-back-to-back wins against Auburn, Florida State and at Virginia Tech.
  • I realize I'm probably slightly underrating the Badgers as they continue to curb stomp people, but it's mainly due to how completely terrible their non-conference is. Also low on the ballot is Stanford, who hasn't really defeated anyone of note yet. The Cardinal schedule is kind of back-loaded, so they'll have plenty of opportunities to rise up in coming weeks.
  • Texas, Georgia Tech, Kansas State and Illinois make up the Undefeated Bloc. You could shuffle these in any order and have it right, as they all have some nice wins at this point. You could actually probably justify moving these teams above Stanford, but I won't get too crazy. Michigan is also undefeated but behind a pair of one-loss teams because I'm being bitter about Week Two and they haven't played a road game yet and it's October 2.
  • And yes, I've gone ahead and ranked the Irish. Michigan State's win at Ohio State, Pitt looking awesome and the way Notre Dame played Saturday night gives me enough reason to put them on. Not a lot of other great options