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Week 9 National Preview- 8 Days A Week

It is week 9, and all Irish fans are somewhere in between disgruntled and something considerably more extreme.  Hang in there Irish fans, we will have more to cheer about this season and in many seasons to come.  In the mean time we have officially reached the portion of the season where it seems as if college football is on 8 days a week.  This is a good thing, yet my motivation for these mid week games is waning.  There was even a game on TV last night.  FIU knocked off Troy 23-20 in an OT thriller.  Did you watch it?  Yeah, I didn't either.  Short and sweet this week team.

For those interested in the full TV schedule utilize the link below or one of the others in our left sidebar. Week 9

Rankings are per the BlogPoll.

*All times listed below are EST.

Games after the jump.

Wednesday 26 October

UCONN at Pitt 8:00 ESPN

Come to the Big East where you can play on Wednesday night!  Last week I made the same comment about them playing on Friday.  It is getting worse...  Pitt rolls.

Thursday 27 October

Virginia at Miami 8:00 ESPN

Rice at #18 Houston 8:00 FSN

It seems to me that the Thursday night lineup has been seriously lacking this fall.  Am I missing something?  I think I would rather watch the battle for ZZ Top's hometown than watch that UVA trip to an empty whatever they call that stadium where the Dolphins play now.

Friday 28 October

TCU at BYU (Jerrydome) 8:00 ESPN

Now this might actually be a pretty good football game.  Frogs.

Saturday 29 October

Missouri at #16 Texas A&M 12:00 FX

I read today that the SEC was hoping to announce Mizzu as a new join before this game so that they could promote the hell of it around this matchup.  It doesn't look like that will happen that fast but I'm sure that whoever announces these games for FX will still yammer on incessantly about it during this Clash of the soon to be 6-6 forever (with 4 non conference W's vs. Pop Warner Teams) Titans. 

#10 Michigan State at #13 Nebraska 12:00 ESPN

After Hail Sparty pulled the upset against Wiscy last weekend the WWL talking heads were yammering on with Kirk Cousins about a rematch in the first B1G championship game.  I'm thinking that the Huskers might have a different take on that.  This has the potential to be the best game of the day. 

#23 Georgia at Florida (Jacksonville) 3:30 CBS

Champ and Chuck roll into the Cocktail party after taking a week off to lick their wounds following 3 consecutive losses to Bama, LSU and Auburn.  Georgia meanwhile has ripped off 5 straight wins, against nobody impressive, and at least reduced the number of "For Sale" signs appearing in Mark Richt's front yard.  I think those signs might reappear in force on Saturday night.  The Gators bounce back in the Swamp.

Navy at Notre Dame 3:30 NBC

The Coach already broke this one down for us shotgun style so I will keep my comments brief.  Notre Dame needs to take care of business in this game and it doesn't need to be close.  Diaco absolutely has to crack the code on shutting down the Navy offense.  That is the most important subplot in this game.  When Notre Dame has the ball they need to blaze up and down the field scoring touchdowns like they did against Air Force.  This should all be feasible as this version of the Middies just isn't very good. 

Baylor at #3 Oklahoma State 3:30 ABC/ESPN2

There are two other games in this ABC/ESPN regional mashup this week and both of them are horrendous.  This one however, is kind of interesting.  I'm thinking we will see Okie Light stay undefeated in a game where 100 points get hung on the board.  Can T. Boone handle that kind of excitement at his age?

#11 Oklahoma at #8 Kansas State 3:30 ESPN

Bill Snyder is about to pay the price for Tejas Tech knocking off the Sooners in Norman last weekend.  Get your guns up Bill!

#15 South Carolina at Tennessee 7:15 ESPN2

Putting this game in prime time probably sounded like a good idea in August.

#5 Clemson at Georgia Tech 8:00 ABC/ESPN3

Is this the week that Clemson finally, you know, pulls a Clemson? 

#4 Stanford at #21 USC 8:00 ABC/ESPN3

Tune in to watch Stanford make USC look terrible and further frustrate yourself.  

#12 Wisconsin at Ohio State 8:00 ESPN

This has real potential to be one of the worst losses tOSU has taken in quite some time. 

What other games should I be trying to keep an eye on?