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Q&A With Conquest Chronicles


Here's our chance to get an opponent's opinion of the big game tomorrow.  Paragon SC over at Conquest Chronicles was kind enough to answer some of my questions.

1.  I have to ask - what's your honest opinion of Lane Kiffin?  I'll withhold from sharing my feelings.

Best guy for the job under the circumstances. No one would touch USC with the NCAA having not yet ruled on their case. I like Lane...Met him twice and found him engaging. As for his coaching skills... the jury is still out. He calls a great game but his overall management is a bit suspect.

2.  How upset are you with the NCAA right now?  I was dancing for joy when USC got hit with their sanctions, but after the way the NCAA has dealt with Auburn, Ohio State, and Miami, even I'm starting to think you guys got treated unfairly.  Do you hold a grudge or are you taking a "Oh well, life goes on" approach?

I am past being being mad at the's no secret they are corrupt so we shouldn't be surprised...I mean they let Tenn. off the hook to nail Alabama. I am more mad at those who continually misrepresent USC's case and what the NCAA said about USC. USC fully cooperated in the investigation and the NCAA noted that 4 times in their report. USC never paid a dime in extra benefits...USC was hit was because of lax compliance and not playing the NCAA's game of contrition and self sanctioning.

3.  USC doesn't seem to really have any big name players on defense this year like Ray Maualuga or Taylor Mays, but the Trojans are never short on talent.  Who should Irish fans look out for when we're on offense?

Unfortunately Pete Carroll's recruiting successes fell off in his last couple of years at USC. He missed on landing some guys and mis-evaluated others who didn't pan out. Dion Bailey is one player to look out for, he is coming on strong. Nick Perry as well.

4.  The Trojans appear to be a little dinged up on offense.  Do you expect injuries to Marc Tyler and Marqise Lee to be a factor?

I do, but Tyler is cleared to play and Lee will play as well...I think they can be factors if they get on the field.

5.  Who ya got?

ND has had their own issues this season. Turnovers and bad penalties have hurt you guys but I think your depth will be the difference. ND to cover... 


Thanks again to Paragon SC over at Conquest Chronicles!  I wish his team the best of luck tomorrow but I also hope there is a permanent Matt-Barkley-shaped imprint on the field of Notre Dame Stadium after the game is over.  Go Irish!