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The Big E College Football Picks: Week Eight

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I hate to brag guys, but I'm doing really well this year.

I hope the hot streak continues. I have had every week go at least 2 games over .500 except for week two when I went 5-6. Last week was another dominating performance, but Jim Miesle kept pace as well.

Michael Collins is getting ready for a big second half surge, so watch out.

As always, a look back at last week before the week eight picks.

Last Week: 9-2

Overall: 51-29

This week's picks are brought to you by Aerosmith playing Train Kept A-Rollin'

The Oregon-Arizona State game ended in a push last week


*Wisconsin was able to cover with ease over Indiana. The poor Hoosiers---everyone thought that program was slowly turning around and now they're 1-6 and staring at their worst record in over 20 years. Now that is an accomplishment right there!

*Texas A&M racked up a season-high 681 yards (8.2 yards per play) and 55 points in a blowout of Baylor. Watch out for the Aggies to make some noise down the stretch and for the RG3 Heisman campaign to slow down.

*Oklahoma State covered against Texas, although it was pretty close. The Cowboys have a really good chance to run the table through their matchup with Oklahoma.

*The Big Ten got a little bit more normal as Ohio State dropped Illinois from the undefeated ranks. This is probably one of the few times you'd find me rooting for the Buckeyes to win. No one wants to see an undefeated Illinois team, right?

*LSU flat out embarrassed Tennessee 38-7 in Knoxville. Did you know the Vols have suffered some brutal losses over the past year and a half at home? That's not a good sign---blame Lane Kiffin?

*Virginia Tech bounced back with an easy win over Wake Forest. The Deamon Deacons might still be 6-2 though then they meet Notre Dame in a few weeks---how weird is that?

*Clemson looked like it was going to Clemson away the game to Maryland but ignited a furious comeback and ended up covering. These are the type of games you have to nail if you're hot in this betting game---it was a gift.

*Kansas State were underdogs again, but just went ahead and won the game against Texas Tech anyway.

*In an ugly game, Auburn beat Florida. The Gators have now lost three straight for the second year in a row and have been outscored 96-27 over the past three weeks. How's that job doing now Charlie?


*Michigan State was able to cover and dispatch Michigan from the ranks of undefeated, and that's good. The Spartans held the Wolverines to just 250 total yards! How good is this State defense really? How about a rematch with Alabama again?

*South Carolina JUST missed covering against Mississippi State in one of those offensively challenged SEC games that we all love so much. I wanted this game!

Now on to this week's picks...

USC (+8.5) at Notre Dame

Pick: Notre Dame

See the post, Irish Seek First Series Winning Streak Since 2001

North Carolina (+10.5) at Clemson

Pick: North Carolina

In this, the week of giant spreads I don't think it's smart to take a lot of the favorites---so that will be a theme here this week. Or will it be? I'm gambling with fake money it's okay to take risks!

How much longer can Clemson keep this streak going? Are they due for a letdown game? A lot of people seem to think that this could be the week and I'm going to join them in predicting the Tigers struggle at home against that tough Tar Heel defense.

Kansas State (-11.5) at Kansas

Pick: Kansas State

I'll take K-State to cover here on the road for one reason and one reason only: The Jayhawks might be the worst defense among the BCS teams. Did you know in their 4 games against AQ teams Kansas has given up 66, 45, 70, and 47 points?

Yup, this should be a game where Kansas State scores 30 or more and covers without much of a sweat. Is Turner Gill on the hot seat yet or do Kansas football fans not care at this point?

Oklahoma State (-6.5) at Missouri

Pick: Oklahoma State

There's no way Missouri can keep up with Okie State's offense---no way.

Here's another game that people are pointing to as an upset special, but I think the Cowboys are significantly better and can taste a conference championship this year. Missouri is still living off their success from the past few years, but it's clear they've taken a step back in 2011. I would take Oklahoma State here even if this spread was in double digits.

Boston College (+20.5) at Virginia Tech

Pick: Virginia Tech

Even though this might be the worst BC team of my lifetime, their defense is still decent and I'm just a little skeptical of the Hokies running away with this given some of their offensive struggles.

The only problem is, the Eagles are downright awful on offense and will be lucky to score a touchdown on Saturday. So I figure, Boston College will score no more than 13 points and the Hokies should push close to 30 or more getting the ball so damn much and cover.

Georgia Tech (+3) at Miami

Pick: Miami

Georgia Tech was severely overrated and now their stock is tumbling, while Miami is quietly playing pretty decent this year. I like Miami's athletes on defense to corral the option attack and cover the spread as home favorites.

Auburn (+21.5) at LSU

Pick: Auburn

Everything is pointing towards LSU rolling big time in this game (no, I don't think the suspensions really affect the game that much) but I just get this sneaking feeling that this will be one of those tight SEC games where the Bayou Bengals always have the momentum and lead, but never really blow the doors off Auburn.

This is a pick I might regret, but I'm letting it fly this week.

Air Force (+29.5) at Boise State

Pick: Air Force

Hey, Notre Dame beat Air Force by more than 30, so Boise State should easily be able to at home right?


The college football gods are angry that Boise doesn't have much a big test the rest of the way with TCU being so "meh" this year. Watch this game be much closer than anticipated.

Tennessee (+29.5) at Alabama

Pick: Tennessee

I can't pick Alabama to win by this much when both sides will be so happy to run the ball three straight times and punt if necessary.

The Tide can put a hurtin' on some teams but I don't see them dropping 40+ and covering here if they didn't do the same to Penn State earlier in the year.

Texas Tech (+29) at Oklahoma

Pick: Oklahoma

Texas Tech is always frisky on offense, but Oklahoma owns them in Norman.

There might be points everywhere in this game but I like the Sooners to roll big time in front of their faithful. Has Tubberville improved the Red Raiders defense at all---and why not?

Wisconsin (-7.5) at Michigan State

Pick: Wisconsin

MIchigan State's defense is good, but not as good as people are making it out to be. I also really like Wisconsin after watching their little documentary on ESPN---good team with great chemistry.

I also think Wisconsin has a chip on their shoulder for this game, having lost to MSU last year, and having to come back to East Lansing for the second straight year. The Spartans are due for a let down after beating Michigan anyway.

Washington (+20) at Stanford

Pick: Washington

I hate this pick more than any this week because no one knows what to expect from Washington, as they are one of the quietest 1-loss teams in the country.

I guess I'll subscribe to the theory that Stanford was eventually going to run into a solid team and struggle a little bit with their adjustments---and this should be that week.

Enjoy Saturday everybody!