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2011 College Football New Uniform Tour: Part Two

The bye week continues as the College Football New Uniform Tour comes to a conclusion.

In part one I profiled the new uniforms from 5 BCS conferences, and this final part looks at the SEC and the rest of college football.

There's been quite a bit of change within the SEC and the rest of the country, so let's get started.


Georgia went with an all-red look and gray helmet for their season opener against Boise State. I thought this was full of fail---particularly the helmet which brought the red stripe down and continued into the facemask. They deserved to lose with this set.


Kentucky has made some changes, including adding a blue helmet and adding a checkerboard design to their shoulders and pant stripes. So the Wildcats are wearing a new design for football, at a basketball school, that honors horse racing while simultaneously copying one of your rivals' infamous end zone. Right, then.

South Carolina

The Gamecocks made some subtle changes, particularly to the striping on their shoulders and pants. They are also one of the teams with the tramp stamp on the back of their pants. Against Auburn they wore a camo uniform set (you can see the helmet logo and different pants)---but they had to wear their normal uniforms because the officials had a hard time seeing the player numbers with the other jerseys.


The Volunteers do something kind of unique: They moved the TV numbers to the shoulders for their home jersey but leave it at the sleeve on the road set. They've also brought back the orange pants.


Vanderbilt said, "Hey people always confuse us with Wake Forest anyway, so why not wear black helmets." Goal achieved.


The Champs got a curious new pant stripe that looks like it was cut by a sword. They are also tramp stamp members. Auburn is generally very conservative with their uniform changes, so this is kind of a big deal.

Mississippi State

Mississippi State has been seen wearing a matte maroon helmet this year, as well as black jerseys that are really hard to tell if they are black on television. The Bulldogs uniforms are always boring, and they're not helping themselves by doing two of the same things so many other teams are doing. Dare to be different!!!

Southern Miss

The Fighting Brett Favre's have been doing some very interesting things this year. First, I believe they made some small changes to their uniforms, but it's their helmets that are the real star of the show.

They have one helmet with a funky stripe in the middle, that has their team logo on the left side, but Alabama-style numbers on the right side. What's more, they also have a second helmet with a thick yellow stripe, a different logo on the left side, and the numbers again on the left.

That's pretty neat.


Tulsa also did something strange too. I looked at their home uniforms and I don't see any changes from last year---yet they have an all-new road set that is vastly different than the home duds. They also added some white stripes on the helmet and I think it really helps it stand out more. Overall, this is a sharp uniform---even though I'm never a big fan of piping and non-traditional stripes.

Bowling Green

Bowling Green dropped the thick stripes on their jerseys and adopted a more streamlined look with piping. You'll also notice the Falcon is on the helmet as well.


The Bulls got a complete makeover this year and have eschewed their simple blue and white design for one more dominated by black and gray. Armpit stains, text down the pant leg, and the tramp stamp on the back of the pants are three of my least favorite uniform designs. As a result, I think these new sets are pretty awful.


The Owls got rid of the stupid "Temple" spelled out on their helmets and brought back their "T" logo. Man I love those pants stripes---they have one of the most underrated uniforms in college football.

Western Michigan

Western Michigan put a "W" behind their Bronco logo on their helmet.


TCU has been wearing new uniforms that are pretty tame considering their recent past. The stencil numbers are an interesting look---and you'll also notice they have been yet another team wearing a matte helmet in 2011.


Wyoming rolled out a whole new set of uniforms, including three different sets of helmets. With their 9-11 inspired American flag helmet earlier this year, that makes four different helmets this year.

Boise State

Boise State went with the all-white Storm Trooper look against Georgia to open this season. Everyone loved this design when it was leaked on the internet, but I thought it looked pretty dull and disappointing on television during the game.


Lafayette got a makeover for this season. It's hard to see from this picture but their shoulder design is made up of tiny little fleurs-de-lis!

Western Kentucky

Western Kentucky really simplified their design for 2011, and the white helmets are new as well. Can't they come up with something different for their helmet logo though?

Fresno State

Fresno State got a new look that is dominated by those Arizona-like stripes that fade away into little dots. The Bulldogs also now have a sharp point stripe in the front of their helmet that gets really wide in the back. Overall, not a big fan of this look.


Hawaii has some sort of tribal pattern on their shoulders and also has the same pant stripe on the back of their legs that was used for South Carolina's camo uniforms.


Memphis made some changes and they are mostly all awful.

East Carolina

East Carolina has a pirate logo on their helmet---and that's the way it should be.

San Jose State

San Jose State got a complete makeover by Nike. Normally I wouldn't like a lot of the changes that were made (do we really need to put team names down the side of pants---I mean, really?) but I actually kind of like these.


Marshall appears to be one of the teams that didn't change their road uniform but is wearing a different home jersey this year. That looks to be like a lighter shade of green being used and "The Herd" wordmark above the number is in a different font.

Air Force

As we saw last week, Air Force wore new gray uniforms complete with (yup you guessed it) matte helmets. The Falcons almost always look sharp on the field---they rarely make uniform mistakes.

North Texas

North Texas went with a very simple and harsh green and white scheme, and I can dig that.

Central Michigan

This appears to be the first time that Central Michigan has worn yellow pants. I'll favor yellow pants over maroon ones any day. Way to be bold Chippewas!

That is all for the new uniform tour.

Dress wisely college football teams.