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Week 7 BlogPoll Out, Notre Dame Rises to 28

The latest poll is out and the Irish sit third in "Also Receiving Votes."  I still think it's absurd they're behind Penn State in any poll, but it's October so whatever.  Odds are pretty good the Irish will get to sit around this weekend, eat some cheeseburgers and move into the Top 25, as Michigan State, Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor and Arizona State all face ranked opponents.  (A&M and Baylor face off against one another, so one is destined to fall from the polls.)  The odds of the Spartans, Longhorns and Sun Devils all prevailing?  Minimal.  

If the Irish don't get into the polls following their bye, they almost certainly will if they get a win over the Trojans.  If they don't beat the Trojans?  Well, I'll just be over there in the corner of the room, curled up in a ball and gently weeping.