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2011 College Football New Uniform Tour: Part One

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We're about a month and a half into the 2011 college football season and it has brought us many new uniform changes across the country.

In truth, there are a ton of tiny changes from nearly every team in every conference, but it would be ridiculous and unnecessary to cover all of them.

Therefore, I've included most changes within reason from major BCS teams, as well as any drastic changes from the non-AQ teams.

There are a lot to get through, so let's do this.

This is part one of two.

Boston College

Boston College has made some subtle, yet kind of drastic changes.

They've got rid of their weird font for their numbers, the Eagle logo is gone from the sleeve, the BC logo is gone from above the numbers on the front, and now the collar is tri-colored. They've added a space in between their pant stripes with the back stripe cut off, and the socks also have a thin stripe around the top and some odd looking block pattern on the back.

The Eagles have also added a new helmet (apparently to be worn only on the road) that incorporates a "stained-glass window" effect inside a new striping pattern.


Everyone knows about these monstrosities by now. It's too bad because Maryland has a really unique color scheme that I liked in the past, but now they look like clowns.

NC State

NC State quietly had one of the simplest uniforms in college football until they spiced them up this year---well about as spiced up as Tom O'Brien will allow. The smaller indistinguishable Wolfpack logo is gone above the numbers, replaced by "State", and TV numbers have been added to the shoulders.

NC State then wore an all-black uniform, complete with a new red helmet this past week in what is a truly odd look for the team.

Virginia Tech

The Hokies wore a throwback helmet earlier in the season, and then busted out the orange helmet and pants against Marshall. I'm not going to lie, I think that orange looks amazing.


The Blue Devils decided to do something no team has ever done before, and wore black jerseys and pants.

South Florida

South Florida added a green helmet to their arsenal, which was on full display in their win over the Irish. They also added stripes to their white helmet, and have recently gone with a very Notre Dame-esque look with their gold helmet, green jersey, gold pant set.


The Cardinals added corresponding stripes to their sleeves after changing to that pattern on their pants last year.

As was rumored during the summer, Rutgers went with an all-black look again---only this time they added a matte black helmet to the set, which so many teams are doing now.


A year after adding stripes and not looking like Oklahoma, new head coach Kevin Wilson (from OU) made sure the Hoosiers look exactly like the Sooners. Copyright infringement? The Hoosiers have also gone with a pink logo on their helmet in support of breast cancer awareness this October.


Michigan wore similar helmets to the ones above for the throwback game against Notre Dame, except they kept their modern blue facemasks instead of the retro gray ones against Minnesota. It seems Michigan will keep these helmets for the rest of this season.

You didn't think it was even possible, but Penn State went even more traditional and removed the striping from their collars and sleeves. It looks fine on the white jerseys, but at home it looks like they aren't even wearing a jersey, but a tee-shirt. Am I right?


Purdue revamped their uniforms to a very simplistic look, basically removing any trim to create a harsh two-tone look. They even took the white striped trim off their helmet and look just like Army to me.

I'm not sure if Northwestern had ever done this before, but they went with a black on black look during their night game against Michigan last Saturday. The Wildcats did keep their purple helmets though.


Baylor is now using pant stripes that resemble a bear claw---how intimidating!!! They are also continuing to use and be a part of the fashionable white helmet club.

Oklahoma State

The Cowboys got the Oregon treatment from Nike during the offseason, adding a lot of gray and orange color in addition to a revamped design. I thought this would look horrible, but I've really liked what I've seen so far---very sharp.

Iowa State

There are rumors that the Cyclones will be joining the white helmet club sometime this year, but already they have worn white pants with their road jerseys. It looks pretty sweet if I do say so myself---at least they don't look like USC here.


Kansas wore some throwbacks recently against Texas Tech, and although I don't know much about them, as Whiskey pointed out last week, they look like Houston Oilers uniforms.

Arizona State

Nike also gave the Sun Devils a makeover, and I'm not a big fan of it. That trident helmet logo is going to look dated in a couple years and the "ASU" on the sleeves looks amateurish.

Washington State

The Cougars got a redesign by Nike that is almost a complete combination of Oklahoma State and Arizona State. They added a lot of gray, including a gray helmet. They could have done better.


Last year the Buffaloes brought out a black throwback jersey from their last national title team---and now they have added a white version. Two thumbs up from me.


Oregon went with a new all-black look against LSU to start the year---with some minor tweaks to their previous all-black ensemble that they've had for a couple years now. The Ducks also wore a new green jersey complete with "Fighting Ducks" across the front and Puddles the Duck's face on the shoulders.


Cal came out in the storm trooper look against Oregon on their Thursday night tilt, bringing a new white helmet with a funky stripe to the field.

Check out Part Two later this week.