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Michael Floyd’s Probation, Plus Trivia!!!

The Michael Floyd saga came back into the headlines yesterday as the star Irish receiver pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drunk driving and was sentenced to one year probation.

He was fined $200, will not be able to drive for 90 days, and will have an engine ignition device installed in his automobile that will not allow him to drive over a certain BAC, for six months.

Floyd will also attend a victim impact panel for people whose family members were killed by drunk drivers.

Now that this legal hurdle has been cleared, Floyd should be able to focus more clearly on the goals he and Brian Kelly have set for himself in order to rejoin the football team.

So far his rehabilitation has been going very well, and let's hope it continues.

We still can't really speculate as to whether Floyd is going to be ready for the season opener, but there is light at the end of the tunnel as far as putting this whole episode behind him.

Now, there have been some bug issues in the building of our new site so our move is being slightly delayed. However, we have been told that we are less than a week away from moving into our new home, so that is good news.

In the meantime, we are loading up on the new posts and creating a backlog that is going to be unleashed on the internet when we finally kick down the door to SBNation.

While we wait, here's some trivia for you to figure out.

If you're a real man (or woman...shout out to our lady fans!) you won't be using Google or any other internet, media guides, and things of that nature to answer these questions.

Use your brain.

And if you don't want to try these off the top of your head, go ahead and be a cotton-headed ninnymuggins and cheat.

Have fun and enjoy!

1. Notre Dame has played 22 teams still currently in FBS football in which the Irish have a perfect 100% winning percentage.

Name 10 of those teams.

2. Two FBS teams are tied for the most games played against the Irish without a victory or tie.

Which two are they?

3. Notre Dame is undefeated against two Big Ten teams, but does not sport a 100% winning percentage.

Which programs are they?

4. Notre Dame has played but never beaten 5 FBS opponents throughout its storied history.

Name three of them.

5. Notre Dame has played four FBS teams in which they have defeated at least once, but still have a losing record against.

Name three of them.

6. Notre Dame has beaten this team 54 times, second most of any Irish opponent.

7. This Indiana native finished third on the team in receiving yards in 2010.

8. Starting with the first series against Purdue in the 2010 opener, how many straight completions did QB Dayne Crist connect on into the second quarter?

9. In which 2010 game did Notre Dame play in front of its smallest crowd?

10. What was the biggest crowd of 2010?

11. Besides Michigan, against what opponent has Notre Dame last played in front of over 100,000 people?

12. Which player led Notre Dame in sacks in 2010?